0.66L engine four-wheel drive Toyota unveiled a new car in Japan

Posted on 7/7/2015 2:02:26 PM

Toyota launched in Japan a new Pixis Mega, Mega Pixis classified as Kei cars in Japan, due to their small body size. The car in Japan starts to 1.35 million yen (about 68,000 yuan). Toyota Mega Pixis uses five design, vehicle design is very compact, but new elements, but not unusual.
Notably, Mega Pixis hinged rear door is not a traditional design, electric sliding doors mention is actually a kind. Subject to body size, the volume of the trunk of the car is only 90 liters (four-wheel drive version is 16 liters). The car The car is also equipped with a sound system 6 speakers and a variety of easy storage compartment to use. Power, Toyota Mega Pixis equipped with only 0.66 liters displacement gasoline engine, providing naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions, the naturally aspirated version of the power 38kW (52PS) / 66Nm, the turbo version of the output of 47kW (64PS ) / 92Nm of power, providing all-wheel drive. Compared with the gearbox CVT.

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