Porsche Fang Zhiyong: sales promotion / new energy into the future development poit

Posted on 8/25/2017 11:13:49 AM

August 24, 2017, on the eve of the opening of the Chengdu auto show in 2017, we interviewed Porsche China executives, through this interview Porsche China also revealed to the media more on the brand and product development vision and planning, the following is Interview Record.
Sohu car: the first half of this year, Porsche's domestic sales data has come out, more than 35,000 units, can specifically talk about the structure of the vehicle sales?
Fang Zhiyong: As of July this year, Porsche total sales in China more than 41,722 units, an increase of 12.9%, of which 718 series growth rate is very fast, three times the sales volume over the same period last year, the market share of more than 70% Panamera has achieved more than 7200 orders, currently delivered 2,000 units, starting from July there are six-cylinder models have been delivered next year, sales are expected to be optimistic; Finally, Cayenne and Macan continue to lead Sales, is the main force of Porsche sales.

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