UV main product sales fell dark horse JAC risk in case of restructuring

Posted on 6/29/2016 4:24:26 PM

Surprisingly, the independent brand SUV appeared earlier this year in the crisis, auto market last year as a "dark horse", Jianghuai refine S3 SUV sales for the first time fell out of the top ten positions. It seems people in the industry analysis, performance achievements and SUV JAC inseparable. Despite last year reversed the fate of the enterprise rely on SUV's, but difficulties still faced by JAC transformation, SUV success also determines the direction JAC transformation.
In fact, the auto market this year fierce battle fierce competition in a large market, the JAC as a whole is not dominant, SUV's decline also make JAC become a year only in May this year dropped out of the Group's sales volume of the top ten car prices. Statistics show that in May this year, JAC passenger cars sold 23,620, compared with 25,704 last year, down 8%. Which long dominated the top three SUV sales JAC Refine S3,5月销量为 11,275, down 9.1%. And another SUV refine S2 main products sold only 3290, the chain fell 15.47%.
JAC Refine S3 explanation for the decline is a joint venture brands of low-end SUV dropping the price of its own brand SUV caused a shock. According to statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, May its own brand SUV sales of 334,800, an increase of 40.79 percent, the market share of 53.38%, continuing a downward trend.
However, not everyone think so, the National Federation Secretary-General Choi Dong-tree representation, its own brand SUV external shunt is much smaller than the internal competition, its own brand SUV interior knockout competition has already begun.
Previously, JAC overall size of the trend in decline, even more embarrassing is that, since the early years of CCTV exposure JAC "country, four false" incident and CCTV "3.15" party of the JAC with Wyatt exposure affect product quality and safety, brand reputation make it a crash, the brand is more popular overall sales hit. Therefore, the JAC has announced that passenger cars will sort, the focus of development will be further focused onto light truck, SUV, MPV three core businesses.
However, from this point of view JAC development, sales data is hidden behind a huge crisis in JAC still focused on the SUV field, relying on a single foot to walk, under changing trends in the automobile market, which is bound to trouble again.
It is noteworthy that, under the circumstances SUV thriving, JAC sedan in terms of the look decadent, almost completely abandoned the car business. Since entering in 2012, the car business will fade in the doldrums, the product quality and safety deficiencies exist exposure, word of mouth is not as good as in the past, product sales also devastated. Statistics show that in May, JAC sedan sold only 1428, fell by 65%, MPV sales of 4080, down 24%.
However, JAC determined transition route is still betting on the SUV. According to the plan, during the year it will launch JAC Refine S1, S5 Refine replacement and other new models, which will refine S1 is a new model, positioned as a small SUV. In addition to these two models, the JAC also expected to launch next year flagship SUV models Refine S7, the market competition will be Hover H7 and other models.
Meanwhile, the JAC of new energy vehicles in the segment income improved significantly. Earlier, the JAC has announced plans to invest 4.5 billion yuan to new energy passenger cars, commercial projects and related core components projects to achieve new energy vehicles in 2025 accounted for more than 30% of the total sales of JAC.
In this regard, Choi Dong-tree said that with the auto market SUV boom for years, driven by pressure on energy conservation policy to promote the gradual manifestation of the crisis under the SUV, follow the situation, overweight new energy is undoubtedly the best choice JAC moment.

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