Wayward money! Didi promised to pay the fine on behalf of the master drive

Posted on 1/15/2015 5:19:02 PM

Shanghai, traffic ticket to success in late 2014 fever car as the great debate once again pushed to the cusp of public opinion.
At the end of 2014, according to press reports in Shanghai, as the car in your trading platform allows car business was operating illegally Didi certain behavior the existence of Shanghai, traffic.
January 12th Corps Shanghai traffic police met Didi limousine operator, plans to issue tickets for them. But until that day 18:00 this issue, the person who falls limousine operator does not always occur, resulting in Shanghai debut against illegal limousine operators ticket has not yet been opened.
However, there are also concerns of a large number of tickets to Beijing car driver.
After Shenyang, Nanjing, Shanghai and other further investigation of the car, the Corps of the Beijing traffic police began last week at the airport, railway station and the downtown business district, car "hunt".
And yet officially forward to "adopt" ticket drops Shanghai, but the performance was quite positive in Beijing.
A limousine driver yesterday (January 13) to the "First Financial Daily", drops the car driver must have the promise, if it is because the problem is with the department of traffic control cars fine droplets that are willing to assume most of the fine.
Generation of car drivers punished?
An issue previously circulated on the Internet for "urgent" Notice screenshots show SMS: "From (January 6) 15:00, deduction of more than 200 vehicles have been, the police target drive today (7 January) is a 500! airport and train station check all vehicles. Please pay close attention. Try not to drop the airport, train station alone! "
According to media reports, the team of law enforcement at the site revealed that the message is "easy to drive" mass for all drivers, "sons of ventilation," the message. "They welcomed us to check the news, on the adoption of micro-channels, SMS and other channels to be sent to the driver, encourages us not (Beijing), near the airport or train station."
However, the master drive revealed that the vehicle was captured a few days, most are drops of cars. "Now, the micro-channel circle of friends can send pieces of coupons auto, auto recently used the user imagined falls. Compared to other car, started the second half of last year's car in the rapid development drops really absorbed more united with the driver of the car. "
In fact, this type of car to join al-take multiple platforms form car "Quartet Agreement" anchored in the first car rental company name, and then used by some owners of the shipping company, the software platform, car rental companies, the company's labor office co-signed driver "agreement quartet." In this case, the platform offers car rental and car drivers recruited two services, the first customer car, the driver after another recruit, but the driver is to car owners, thus avoiding the rental car not they are equipped with a driver regulations, and avoid risk.
As from May 1, 2012 implementation of the "management approach hire Beijing", refers to operators hire in the vehicle delivered within the tenant agreed time expenses charged lease, not to business activities driver. What should be clear that the operation of a vehicle owned by all operators of hire, and the need to meet more complex than the safety specifications for private cars.
And in accordance with the above provisions, the highest point in the private owners of fine of $ 20,000 or less.
There is a small amount of a fine under pressure, when a lot of car drivers to be careful when you get to the airport, railway station and other "focused investigation" instead. Now go to the airport to send the machine, they are more willing to give directly the original vehicle parked in the airport terminal space, and then help the luggage of passengers to the airport terminal.
More car drivers prefer to avoid hot spot, so well known in their regional activities.
The guarantee was given aspect falls last car to help pay the ticket master.
"One day the capture of 100 cars, which are just fine up to 2 million yuan. Didi melt so much money, and told us not to worry, that was really stuck, we had to pay a fine." As for the recent master drive many fines for concern, drops car driver behave quite heroic.
However, there are pieces of car drivers to the correspondent of "First Financial Daily" frankly, to help shuttle the master to pay a fine that is not a certainty. In accordance with the agreement of the Quartet, which signed a corresponding agreement with the car rental company before joining with the car driver. The company hire the argument that car drivers follow orders, up to 80% of the Bear penalty is given.
The shortage brings License
According to the present attitude of the traffic control department, the biggest problem is the risk that the current car regulatory blind. After all, in the absence of positive long-term operation of the guarantee market integrity, the car in such a short time is difficult to get rid of the illegal operation and car washes black label.
To this end, announced the number one car today Taxi rapid establishment of $ 100 million passengers finance Xianxingpeifu and has and China Ping An Insurance steward Company liability insurance reached cooperation framework, such as the use of service limousine for passengers in the operation process insured event occurs, the compensation paid by the Fund in advance.
The system used to solve Xianxingpeifu improve passenger safety and security service, which is still the first in the country. However, according to a lot of companies Uber volume cars, car drops, easy to vehicles, such as a reference to comply Xianxingpeifu A car is not difficult.
The car is the most concentrated of regulation approach remains the problem of private cars intervene car platform.
Although the Ministry of Transport has car makes little loud for declaration struggle "black and white", admitted that the services of "car" to meet the transportation market with high quality, diversity, differences in demand has a positive effect. But banning access platforms involved in the operation of private cars is still unable to shake the iron law.
But the moment the use of vehicles in the car, there are plenty of "car" is an indisputable fact. This implies that, in order to curb pollution and traffic congestion, vehicle restriction policy north of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have practiced making license plates in first-tier cities become "poor" company automotive want to buy a lot of vehicles to establish "his team" almost no possible.
Therefore, to attract a large number of private car owners have to go to join the major car platform of lucrative business.
It is understood that for the car with the car driver to join the drive current drops at the tip (07: 00-10: 00, 17: 00-8: 00) hour not throw any commission, car drivers also double reward. Speeding drivers hours after living in but have to deliver a commission not 20%, but also enjoy the 20 yuan to 30 yuan, ranging from direct subsidies.
"I've seen the list of a master car ranking of income, provided the road lines are not limited to car, fifty-six hours of sleep a day, a month of income open can go to three or four million dollars . "Limo driver told this reporter.
By contrast, those who open car drivers the company hire are much income must be poor.
Although a car to join the teacher, these drivers car rental company car will be open according to months Customer ratings for 1,000 to $ 3,000 reward, but did enjoy the peak periods in the morning and later double reward, while had become more than 200 yuan a day, "elements of money."
"Before, when a fixed salary, the income of 6,000 yuan a month, but now also implemented a performance-based compensation, divided by the number of orders, most of the teacher can get 30 percent and after deduce the "elements of money". "No use of car drivers car company vehicles with emotion, "people with a car to join the six months to be able to buy a hard drive of 200 000 $ 10 000 a month, and almost it. But do not worry checked, take advantage of the money that is now earn more. "
As the debate about "car" climbing up his own company to become a way out of the current platform hire. To this end, China announced that it will be easy to drive "spend 8 billion yuan," the establishment of car rental companies, car deal with the problem of identity. But the scarcity of first-tier cities, "rental license" rental company will also be the key to victory in the competition.

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