New energy automotive industry over the next ten years to determine the roadmap

Posted on 11/2/2015 4:14:57 PM

Recently, this reporter from the national manufacturing power-building strategy Advisory Committee was informed that the new energy automotive industry over the next decade roadmap has been drawn. Reporter exclusive access to the "Made in China 2025" in key areas of technology roadmap details on new energy vehicles parts. Documents show that by 2025, annual sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach 20% of the total market demand for cars, independent new energy vehicle market share of more than 80%, in order to achieve this goal, the state will form a new energy level, inter-industry linkage automotive innovation development plan, and launch a viable new energy vehicles sustained fiscal incentives policy.
The roadmap shows that with the new energy vehicles in the family car, official cars and buses, taxis, logistics vehicles and other areas a lot of popularity, in 2020 annual sales of China's new energy vehicles will reach total auto market demand the amount of more than 5% in 2025 increased to about 20%. In total carbon emissions targets and a national directory of alternative energy demand in 2030 accounted for annual sales of new energy vehicles will continue to significantly increase the size of more than ten million.
Roadmap, in 2020, initially built to be market-oriented, business-oriented, research closely integrated with the new energy automotive industry system. Independent new energy vehicle sales exceeded 1 million years, the market share of more than 70%; to create star vehicles, into the global sales of the top ten, the new energy bus achieve large-scale exports MTBF vehicle mileage of 20,000 km; Power Battery critical systems, drive motors, etc. reached the international advanced level in the domestic market share of 80%.
To 2025, formed a complete industrial chain of self-control, synchronized with the international advanced level of new energy vehicles sold three million years, independent new energy vehicle market share of more than 80%; the level of product technology and international synchronization, with two in Global sales of the top 10 leading automobile companies, overseas sales accounted for 10% of sales.
Roland Berger automotive industry partner Mr.zhang told the "Economic Information Daily" correspondent, has been the Chinese government wants to break through the technical office of new energy vehicles to achieve a breakthrough in the automotive industry, so the "corner overtaking" concept was presented.
At this stage, many foreign car companies taking into consideration the traditional models of continuity of existing procedures and new technology, new energy vehicles to promote not very fast, but also to the Chinese independent brand in this field can lead a number of opportunities, especially in the Chinese government gives so much dividend policy background, 80% of the market share is expected not surprising.
According to statistics, the first half of 2015 alone the national ministries on the new introduction of nearly 10 new energy vehicles to encourage and support policies, including tax relief for the purchase of new energy travel, open access and other electric passenger vehicles. Into the second half, policy support for new energy automotive industry is continuing to force the end of September, the State Council executive meeting identified a series of measures to support the new energy vehicle development, including the country can not implement the limit line purchase of new energy vehicles, it has been implemented should be cancellation; Recently, the State Council has issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the electric vehicle charging infrastructure", and strive to achieve the charging pile field also collapsed.
Some experts said that to promote the healthy development of new energy automotive industry, the need to establish long-term mechanism. On the one hand, the new energy automotive industry to technology innovation as the core, and constantly optimize the user experience of travel; on the other hand, the promotion of public policy development of new energy automotive industry to have continuity, and improve and perfect time according to the reality of the situation. In "Made in China 2025" Technology Roadmap focus areas, it is also proposed to be continued in the next decade policy support for new energy vehicles.
File that form the national level inter-industry linkage innovation of new energy vehicles development planning, the establishment of new energy automotive industry innovation and demonstration fund; will introduce incentives continued viable new energy vehicles and taxation incentives, as well as average fuel consumption when business accounting policies; to increase R & D support for key core technologies, new energy technology support innovation alliance formed to build industrial common technology platform; improve the relevant standards and regulations, strengthen the detection and evaluation of capacity-building; the formation of new energy vehicles and intelligent network linking cars, smart grid wisdom of urban construction and cooperative development mechanism key components, materials, etc., etc.
"The government now formed a new energy automotive industry policy system to support multi-point example subsidies were put on the research and development stage and sales stage, not only the central government investment, local governments are put in." Mr.zhang said, in addition, for the industrial model innovation subsidies and support also began to appear, in addition to economic subsidies, and some other government done to promote industrial cooperation.
However, Mr.zhang also said that by 2025 annual sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach 20% of the total market demand for cars, which can be achieved is not simply the result of policy advocacy. There are some areas and taking new energy enterprises have suspected subsidies behavior, but also that "policy market" is not sustainable. With the new energy vehicle technology is more mature, the future will gradually withdraw support policies, faced with the gradual influx of foreign forces continues to mature, to enhance the capacity to respond to its own brand is very important, and it also requires the enterprise itself and society capital for joint efforts.

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