Era official drop after putting the new price system cheap car arrival

Posted on 9/14/2015 4:06:54 PM

Chengdu Motor Show just ended, although not many new models, but the appearance / listing of the models still close to 30 models. The price of the new car was announced, the media and consumers for "one step" price rejoice. We can see from the beginning of April this year, the official lowering tide has a profound impact on the current car pricing, new car pricing strategy and a new price system or ahead of the arrival at the official push down trend.
Under official pressure drop, the pricing strategy around Chengdu Motor Show the new car market has undergone significant changes, directly bypassing the official drop this step, the lower price together with the new has "hit" to the market.
The new Tucson listed promotional materials directly use the word representation "1.6T less than 170 000", which is 159 900 -23.99 million price range not only significantly lowered the joint intermediate SUV, especially the joint venture sells T powered SUV range, but with a deep sense of "gunpowder", directed at Maverick, Trail, CR-V, RAV4 same level SUV. Currently Japanese SUV sibling entry price of around 180,000 yuan mostly, and are without T models; Maverick 1.5T, 1.4T Tiguan entry price was 19 million yuan. Tucson's new pricing strategy, so that it has a relatively large room for maneuver in a competitive market at the same level SUV product.
SAIC Roewe 360 official price of 75 900 -12.99 million, equipped with a 1.4T engine, and with a seven-speed dual-clutch models down to 10 million or less, top with 2.0T twin-clutch Ultimate also for only 129,900 Yuan.
Chengdu Auto Show media day before, the Mercedes-Benz SUV GLE sports officially listed, the price range is 868,000 -105.8 million, just when people are buzzing about its price and kind, the next day it announced the 2.0T version of the BMW X6 market, 838,000 yuan for sale. Luxury SUV market price war and no less than other market segments.
Combing through more than difficult to find, lasted for nearly five months of official drop tide has a profound impact on the recent listing of new car pricing strategy. While major car firms responsible for media interviews on different occasions have said they would not join the "price war", also said the current pricing model is "to make adjustments according to market demand," but the overall downturn in the market environment by lower prices attract buyers, the intention is obvious.
Prices of corporate marketing strategy is the most important tool and one of the elements, for example, Tucson final listing price is lower than the previously released "175,000 from the" sale price. It is customary to use the manufacturer's marketing skills, to be able to create a warm-up before the effect of the market, improve attention; and secondly, to allow consumers to perceive reduce the final price of the brand have a "kind" impression.
Zhang Zhiyong, a senior auto industry analyst said the price is the most direct and most effective marketing tool, you can adjust the price and the overall price of the system is approaching the level of maturity in Europe, the price system, including vehicle, parts, service and so on.
Of course, the prices should not be the only aspect of consumer concern, but also depends on its configuration meets their needs, and finally with the other models of the same configuration to compare prices.

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