Mazda recalls 11,449 in mainland China imported cars

Posted on 8/19/2016 2:46:27 PM

Recently, Mazda (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. to the AQSIQ for the record of the recall plan, will from December 12, 2016, the recall period from 1 October 2009, 2012 to August 1 the production of some imported Mazda CX-7 cars; since April 14, 2017, recalled in November 2012 between 19 to 24 December 2013 produced some of the imported cars Mazda CX-9. According to the company's statistics, mainland China, involving a total of 11,449.
Within the scope of this recall part of the vehicle, since the brine produced by adhering corrosion, loss of dust seals, salt water intrusion inside the spherical ball joint cause rust. Stabilizer bar and the reaction force bearing Cage wear, resulting in fallout, there are security risks.
Mazda (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. will recall the vehicles within the scope of free replacement of the lower control arm assemblies improved in order to eliminate defects.

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