Mercedes-Benz released Vision Van pure electric concept car endurance 270 km

Posted on 9/8/2016 2:54:56 PM

Recently, Mercedes - Benz commercial vehicles department released a new concept car --Vision Van, which shows the future of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles logistics purpose and function of vision, which not only has automated cargo and container shelves, roof also comes with two UAVs equipment to improve the efficiency of distribution.
Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept car exterior design is very avant-garde, cargo part fully enclosed design, the body lines are also considered to optimize aerodynamics. The car is also equipped with the top two unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle interior can be automatically controlled in the distribution of other items at the same time, by UAVs small packages delivered to the designated place, increase the efficiency of logistics and distribution.
As a logistics and commercial vehicles, Vision Van warehouse concept car is also upgraded to a combination of layers of different specifications of the shelf, while placing reasonable by computer control, increasing the efficiency of logistics. In addition, Vision Van concept car is also equipped with an additional shelf transmission car. Configuration, the new car uses the latest Internet of Things (IOT) technology, intelligent network systems.
In the power section, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van concept car with pure electric drive, maximum mileage up to 270 kilometers.

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