Tesla intends to boost R & D refinancing continued losses 14 quarters

Posted on 9/2/2016 2:49:00 PM

Tesla August 31, said 2016 will once again financing, to inject more funds for research and development and the new Model 3 Gigafactory battery factory.
Tesla on the registration statement with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commissio) into the file, said it will raise funds through the issuance of common stock or bonds. Its CEO elon Musk had pointed out that in 2017 the company may need to issue "mini stock market financing."
In early August, Tesla said its second-quarter cash flow of nearly $ 3.25 billion, but in July to pay $ 678 million revolving credit line, and planned to recover the $ 422 million convertible bond, which makes the company's cash flow falling to $ 2.15 billion.
In early 2016, Tesla to analysts pointed out that the second half of 2016 as planned construction plant and equipment investment $ 1.75 billion for the 2017 starting price of $ 35,000 Model 3 production ready. The car will be produced at the factory Gigafactory city of Reno, Nevada.caterpillar 320D injector valve
Eventually, Tesla cash flow remaining $ 400 million, continues to burn at this time to acquire loss-making company SolarCity solar panels.
Tesla has lost 14 consecutive quarters, since 2014, the cash flow will be negative. The company said its main source of income is sale of the vehicle, however, the first half suffered deliveries fell to 29,222 cars.

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