With glory for their own name "big off-road" Iveco king again

Posted on 10/10/2016 5:24:23 PM

Won the FIAA class certification, the domestic racing enthusiasts as the highest degree of difficulty, the longest cross-country rally - China Rally, on September 25 to open the year 2016 scold surprised situation of the new journey. In 2013, 2015 twice, and won the double crown of the Nanjing Iveco team, this also has the strong posture battles, in addition to sending two championship chariots, there is a mysterious car, toward the Big off-road "Triple Crown" goal!
It is reported that the whole event of about 4,000 km, is divided into nine stages. During the last week, the cross-country fleet will start from Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region through Wulatehouhou, Bayannuoeri, Alashan Right Banner, Zhangye and other places, across Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, Finally known as "stuffed Jiangnan" reputation of the Lingwu rendezvous.
Compared with the previous three races, 2016 China Rally, both to maintain the original strict competition standards and the international top level of the event organization, while adding a lot of new elements. In addition to the long distance of the stage, the total length of about 4,000 km of the race, the driver not only to bear the extreme weather, will face the river, canyon, hills, deserts, Gobi and many other complex terrain of the harsh test.
In order to better conquer the track, with better results to complete the race, the public participating teams can be described as "Eight Immortals, recount", from the engine to the body structure and then to the tires with all kinds of legendary "magic class" accessories , Through professional technical modification, and racing integration. Has been in the Chinese off-road rally on the two won the Nanjing Iveco team, not only sent two championship chariot, but also will have a leading industry outlook "black technology" mystery car into the arena. Many people on this year's Beijing Auto Show Iveco VISION concept car's cutting-edge technology are still fresh in memory, it is understood that this entry of the mysterious car of this race equipped with a series of key technologies, from this concept car, Iveco won the team added confidence.
In the strong team sent a team at the same time, Nanjing Iveco team also set up a super luxury lineup, not only has rich experience in the strength of veteran Li Jun, She Jiangbo, there are many times on behalf of Nanjing Iveco cross-country rally and won the results Beauty driver Hua Tingting will once again put on IVECO shirt. It can be said that such a stable and determined to take into account the old and new combination for the Nanjing Iveco reelection champion, on a double insurance.
As a "team", Nanjing Iveco's logistical support has been the envy of the other contestants, this time by the maintenance service station composed of elite service team, there are two 360 service car with the team action, as Racing escort. At present, the material required for the protection has been gradually implemented.
Nanjing Iveco team leader said: "China is the market cross-country rally has become a large number of car prices of new technology test field, who can be the final victory in the game, it means that the product successfully passed the trial, Market competition will be able to get the initiative.
As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire refining, stand the test of the product is Pierre, Nanjing Iveco well versed in this road. In recent years, Nanjing Iveco constantly upgrade product quality and service, while actively participating in various difficult international auto sports competitions, in actual combat test themselves, with time and time again for their own name glory. I believe that in the forthcoming fourth China's large cross-country rally, the Nanjing Iveco team will achieve even more outstanding results in China's commercial vehicle off-road to write a new chapter brilliant chapter.

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