2050 Toyota environmental challenge new energy strategy released Secret Path

Posted on 10/16/2015 3:00:58 PM

Climate change, water scarcity, resource depletion, reduction of biodiversity of global environmental issues, Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Toyota") to develop the "Toyota Environmental Challenges 2050" strategy, and on the 15th announced its contents, in "build better cars," "better production activities", "better cities and a better society," 3 launched six major areas of challenge.
In the automotive sector to build a better, according to Toyota plans in 2020 after Toyota fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in global sales reached more than 30,000 in Japan monthly sales to reach at least 1000, the annual sales volume of at least 1 Wan levels of thousands of vehicles; fuel cell (FC) bus connection, in the year 2016 began with Tokyo as the center of the introduction of fuel cell buses for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to prepare more than 100 fuel cell buses; in hybrids ( HEV) in terms of sales, by 2020, global sales reached 1.5 million, total sales reached 15 million; in addition, in 2020 the process of moving the global average new car CO2 emissions by more than 22% (compared with 2010).
Better production activities in the field, Toyota made clear that the challenge factory zero CO2 emissions established by the current main initiatives and objectives, including new factories and production lines each producing CO2 emissions reduction of about one car in 2020 to 2001 halved in 2030 to one-third in 2001. In addition, through the use of renewable energy sources and hydrogen, to achieve zero emissions in the year 2050 CO2; promote the use of hydrogen energy technology plants, the introduction of the production line started in FCV related technology demonstration test in 2020; in 2020 for the plant in Tahara Set wind power generation equipment; each producing new plant in Mexico in 2019 when a car CO2 emissions reduction of about 40% or more (compared with 2001); Brazilian factories from 2015 to fully utilize renewable energy.
In the wonderful city and a better society, Toyota presented two projects started from 2016, from Japan to the global promotion of "fair treatment" and recycling technologies and systems, as well as to carry out three conservation projects starting from 2016, will Toyota Group and its affiliates with all regions of the world and the future are connected.
It is worth noting that Toyota this strategy clearly depict the company's future product line, and there is no direct mention of pure electric vehicles. Automotive expert Zhang Zhiyong accept the "First Financial Daily" reporters interview that Toyota is not entirely reject the electric car, but the electric cars as part of a hybrid only.
"Toyota Environmental Challenges 2050" strategy clearly states that, in order to achieve the challenge, from the "energy" and "fuel diversification measures" viewpoint, with HEV technology as the core, to promote a new generation of automotive technology development and accelerate the rate of adoption and other FCV. Measures in the fuel diversification mentioned in part, hybrid technology, including the development of various key technologies required for next-generation car batteries, motors, etc., can be inserted outwardly PHEVs (PHEV), electric vehicles (EV) , FCV extension and other core technologies. Toyota hybrid technology as the core technology to carry out the development of various next-generation vehicles. In the future, a new generation of vehicle development, the increase in electric technology level is essential. To enhance the performance of pure electric mode PHEV and EV Mileage expand and develop energy density, ease of high voltage and excellent heat resistance and other characteristics of a new generation of all-solid battery cells.
Currently, Toyota hybrid car is accelerating the pace of development in China, and this month will launch a hybrid version of the Corolla and Ralink, the hybrid expansion from two to four in China.

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