Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed in Guangzhou Guangzhou Automobile local car Anti prelude

Posted on 5/27/2015 3:57:16 PM

After last year's central inspection teams have to FAW Group, Dongfeng Group to conduct special inspections, local anti-corruption efforts of the Commission for Discipline Inspection has Relay automotive industry.
May 25, the Economic Observer Online reporter learned from relevant channels, Guangzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection, Municipal Supervision Bureau jointly accredited inspection teams stationed in Guangzhou City, the first on May 18 has been stationed at the Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Automobile Group) carried out inspections. Focus on the content of inspections is whether there is violation of discipline of leading cadres, and secondly there is the selection of cadres including the issues and management.
The central inspection teams stationed Automotive Group as the central enterprises, the Guangzhou Inspection Unit stationed in the Guangzhou Automobile Group, after the establishment of the special hotlines, dedicated mailbox, and may reflect the issue face to face. Within the Guangzhou Automobile Group, inspection teams stationed in the information notice posted in various ways and so enable all employees to learn. The notice on May 11 in the Guangzhou Automobile Group advertising that, in order to ensure that the Group employees informed.
Economic Observer Online reporter learned that, after the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline inspection teams stationed inside Guangzhou Automobile Group has launched a more intense investigation. A source revealed to the Economic Observer Online reporter, in addition to Guangzhou Automobile Group's own leading cadres, the two upstream and downstream companies and related parts and components enterprises are also facing investigation. "Every day many suppliers come and go, these are to be summoned to questioning." The source said.
Guangzhou Automobile Group inside a senior person to the Economic Observer Online reporter said that from then Inspection Unit stationed, many leading cadres obvious "low profile" a lot. "Basically go out to eat more low-key than before. I feel this round of inspections is not simple, in this environment, certainly not hastily opener." The person pre-judgment.
According to the requirements of anti-corruption Central Discipline Inspection Commission, the Central thirteenth inspection teams in last year July 30 to FAW Group conducted a one-month special inspection, then, is also a central thirteenth tour group last November 27 to December 27 Dongfeng Motor Corporation conducted a tour. In special tour twice, the central inspection teams in the two companies found a lot of problems, and took a number of "big tiger."
According to Central Discipline Inspection Commission informed, during the tour, the company sacked two senior FAW - Volkswagen Automotive Co., the former vice president and general manager of sales Li Wu, FAW - Volkswagen Audi Sales Division Deputy General Manager Zhou pure, and FAW Group former deputy general manager Ande Wu. And former deputy party secretary of Dongfeng Norinaka, former assistant general manager Ren Yong, five people have been punished for alleged serious violation of law. Only during the tour, the two central enterprises Automobile Group have hundreds of people have been punished for violating the law or discipline briefing.
Also worth mentioning is that during two sessions this year, FAW Group, the former chairman Xu Jianyi checked. This is the auto industry's first anti-corruption sacked deputy ministerial level, since the founding of the automotive industry but also the highest level of corruption sacked manager. Thereafter, according to the central deployment, the two companies were in inspections carried out self-examination after the inspection teams. Where the deputy general manager of Dongfeng Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company marketing headquarters Marketing Li Zheng, Liu Yuchun Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company has sacked.
Auto industry sales and purchasing departments has been considered high incidence of corruption department, state-owned enterprises had sacked cadres basic and this coherent. However, the inspection teams stationed in Guangzhou inspections time node, there is no news. Guangzhou Automobile Group insider who asked not to be named, said that the inspection object regardless of class, may also have an impact on the rise. "Guangzhou Automobile just municipal units to level the Guangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection of the knife enough for everyone." The analysts said.

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