Jaguar Land Rover developed three electric cars compete with Tesla

Posted on 9/5/2016 3:47:07 PM

Recently, some overseas media reports, Jaguar is currently developing and implementing all-electric drive system, at the same time, Land Rover will be committed to the development and application of hybrid systems.
It is reported that Jaguar is currently developing two pure electric cars and a pure electric SUV models, Jaguar developed these three pure electric cars will be in Tesla MODEL S and MODEL X as a major competitor. Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Peter Modelhart Germany also said that despite the use of pure electric driving, but the car still will be "a pure Jaguar."
In addition, Land Rover is committed to promoting the application of the hybrid system, currently in the European market, the Range Rover has begun offering the V6 diesel engine + electric motor hybrid models, and the future Land Rover will this hybrid system will be applied to a wider range on models.

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