New energy bus service two sessions or into a "new normal"

Posted on 3/4/2017 11:20:21 AM

The fifth meeting of the 12th CPPCC National Committee and the Fifth Session of the 12th National People 's Congress (hereinafter referred to as "the NPC") will be held in Beijing on March 3 and March 5 respectively. As an annual national major conference, not only the participants and the proposal of concern, the conference service car is also a hot topic.
As the "two veterans", Yutong bus this year is the 13th to get the two sessions of the "admission ticket", service models, including the popular models T7 and E10.
For car prices, selected two service vehicles is both in the country and the world before the show an important opportunity for brand charm, but also on vehicle performance, quality of a rigorous test.
In the two sessions of the service car, Yutong can be described as experienced in the previous sessions, the venue, the station and the main line can see Yutong bus figure. Yutong also by virtue of years of service two sessions of mature experience, stable and reliable vehicle quality and strict and attentive service attitude several times to get the parties praise.
The results of the inspection, including the appearance of the vehicle, steering, lighting, tires and vehicles, are equipped with fire extinguishers, etc., to ensure that every vehicle Conference service car can be the most perfect state to complete the two service work. In the previous 12 times the two sessions of the service, Yutong bus has always maintained a "zero fault" service performance.
Last year, the two sessions to achieve a new energy bus service car "zero breakthrough", Yutong new energy vehicle E10 for the first time to participate in two sessions of service. This year, Yutong E10 re-elected two national service car. In the current state to vigorously promote the process of new energy vehicles, with independent brands of new energy vehicles continue to improve the quality of technology, new energy bus service will become a "new normal".
In 2016, the new energy automotive industry to achieve a strong growth, production and sales for two consecutive years ranked first in the world. As a leader in the new energy bus industry, Yutong Bus in the past two years in technological innovation and market development on the dazzling performance of the industry as a witness and microcosm of the development.
Only 2016 years, Yutong new energy bus to achieve the 26856 sales. This year, Yutong Bus released the H8 plug-in hybrid bus and the third generation of fuel cell buses two heavy new products, not only to the plug-in hybrid direction of rich product technology line, while focusing on the development of fuel cell buses, Promote the development of China's new energy automotive industry into a new stage. In addition, Yutong new energy bus is out of the country, at the Havana International Trade Fair in Cuba debut.
It is by virtue of high-quality technology, excellent quality and advanced technology, Yutong new energy vehicles have been widely recognized by customers, coupled with last year's two outstanding performance on the two sessions, Yutong E10 again this year, selected the two service vehicles.
Many years ago, major conferences and events can be seen everywhere in the joint venture brand CMB service car, independent brand public car "absent" has become the hearts of many people regret, and now Yutong T7 as the representative of the independent brand public car Standing on the international and domestic events of the stage, this year is the second consecutive year to participate in the two commuter service, has become a national two service car in the "new favorite."
It is understood that Yutong T7 is the first domestic passenger car industry, "three high" (alpine, high temperature, plateau) test of the CMB models, and one-time perfect through the national standard rollover test. T7 can maintain stable operation at 40 ℃ high temperature, -30 ℃ alpine, and> 4000 m above sea level, and has good power economy, braking force, handling stability and ride comfort. In the alpine, high temperature test, the first round of the vehicle calibration test items are one-time through the acceptance.
Yutong T7 since the market has been involved in many international and domestic major conferences and activities of the traffic protection work, such as the 2016 National Conference, Boao Forum for Asia and G20 Hangzhou Summit, well-tested, and gradually become a high-end conference and event services Car "regular", breaking the previous brand of high-end public business car market dilemma.

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