Sales very good last year, Acura aim is 30,000 goals this year!

Posted on 1/4/2017 9:27:57 AM

Price 2.89 million, a new generation of Acura NSX bright!
New Express 2016 last weekend, Acura NSX in a new generation of God in the car, "accompanied" to 289 million price opened a mystery.
Surprisingly, the "car god" Elton Senna's presence in the conference scene, as the three F1 winner, Senna to the fans left the most beautiful memories. May 1, 1994, in the year F1 San Marino race, Senna was killed in a car accident accident killed at the age of 34 years.
The first generation NSX was born in the first year, at the peak of the Senna NSX love at first sight, and personally for the NSX development and testing as a consultant. At that time, NSX price cheaper than the Ferrari, the performance is also very good, so Senna and NSX known as the "car God" and "God car."
NSX will use the form of order-based sales for the Chinese market to provide a rich set of optional packages, customers can choose to assemble their own NSX... Honda's executive director and China's Mizuno said.
Data show that, as of the end of November 2016, Acura brand sales in China reached 6243, an increase of 68.5%. Which is the first domestic models CDX sales are steadily rising in November last year, an increase of 220.6%, sales of 1324 vehicles. SUV popular in the country today, CDX has finally found their place.
Guangzhou Automobile Honda Deputy General Manager Zheng Heng said that the Acura strive in 2017 to achieve more than 30,000 sales target. It is understood that in terms of product delivery, Caterpillar 320D injector valve Acura will continue to expand the scale of production in China, in addition to plans to start in 2017 China Special Edition TLX domestic, will start in 2018 RDX domestic. The future, Acura will continue to expand the product lineup, as soon as possible to reach annual sales target of 100,000.

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