2017 two months ago, China's new energy vehicle sales by the United States overtake

Posted on 3/24/2017 2:49:03 PM

According to the Federation of manufacturers data, this year, China's new energy passenger car sales slowdown in the adjustment, especially in January new energy vehicle sales decline 61% to 5423, lower than the industry expected, despite the February new energy sales Has rebounded to 16521, growth of 202%, an increase of 64%, but due to January sales dragged down, China in the first two months of this year, a total of 21944 new energy passenger car sales, than the US new energy passenger Car sales less 1234 vehicles.
China's new energy sales fell in the first two months, affected by policy control. Cui Dongshu recently accepted the first financial reporter interviewed, there is no clear subsidies and no catalog, car prices a moment of bad production. In January this year, the new energy passenger cars, showing a ready-made low production and marketing characteristics. This is the new energy vehicles at the beginning of the subsidy and the announcement of the re-examination of the temporary phenomenon in the process, with the release of the first batch of new energy distribution directory, the new energy vehicles will be on track, is expected this year's new energy vehicle sales will reach 75 million The
China's new energy vehicles to support efforts in the world is the largest, but in the process of Suzhou Jim West, Suzhou Jinlong, Shenzhen Wuzhou Long, Lifan, Zhengzhou Nissan and other car companies cheat the situation, this country has been on the relevant enterprises Penalties and rectification, as well as adjustments to the relevant subsidy policies. 2017 new energy vehicles related subsidies New Deal, until December 30, 2016 was officially released, and the emergence of a more substantial slope, and the re-audit of the new energy vehicle catalog, until January this year, released the first batch of new energy promotion table of Contents. Which makes the domestic sales of new energy vehicles generally affected, even in February rebounded significantly, but this year 1 to 2 months of domestic sales of new energy passenger cars are still lower than the same period in 2016 23840 vehicles.
As a new energy vehicles leading enterprises, BYD new energy passenger car sales in January this year, only 605, and its last year to 100,178 new energy vehicles sales performance sit tight 2016 "global new energy vehicle sales first" throne, month Are sold more than 8000 units. As for the reasons for the decline in sales of new energy vehicles in January this year, BYD insiders had to accept the first financial reporter said that due to the delay in the new energy subsidies policy, in the policy of the window, which gave the new energy vehicles in January this year Of the pricing caused by no small problems, affecting the market sales.
Not only the new energy leading enterprises BYD, there are many new energy car prices this year, 1 to 2 months sales are generally down. According to the Jianghuai Automobile recently released in February production and sales Express, including new energy electric vehicles in February sales of 125, down 89.42%, JAC in January sales of new energy vehicles zero, the first two months of new energy vehicles fell over the same period last year 95.21%.
However, after two months of adjustment, Beijing and other cities in the new energy automotive market ushered in a strong sales. Cui Dongshu pointed out that the current domestic new energy vehicles have been gradually on track, Beijing's new energy policy to promote high efficiency in March the new energy vehicles should be strong growth.
In the face of the reduction of subsidies, new energy car prices have begun to take the initiative to make new changes, such as Beiqi new energy, BYD, Teng potential, Changan and other car prices will have to introduce new iterations, especially the mileage increase has become a new selling point. As soon as possible to get rid of the current downturn in the sale of new energy vehicles, BYD recently action frequently, not only the introduction of Tang 100, Qin 100 two new energy vehicles, also released the "electric future" program, and change the past single-handed warfare tactics, Home enterprises cross-border cooperation, through the integration of resources to speed up the snatch to grab the new energy automotive market cake.

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