China yuchang news:For mpg gains, tiremakers delivered - consumers shrug

Posted on 12/1/2014 4:16:29 PM

These days, the automotive industry to improve the tires on the car, but consumers are not so sure that I like the result.

This is a stubborn ingenuity and industrial consumers a rare touch - and whether it is a car tire manufacturers and their suppliers make a lot of work to make the right moment.

Blame CAFE.

Less tiremakers car company has been pushing for decades to more fuel-efficient tires produced energy, eating road friction. And now, in addition to the requirements of the automotive industry meet the federal mandate, tougher tiremakers major corporate average fuel economy always exactly the car company you want.

But the resulting "low rolling resistance" tires, the proliferation of new models and now Ford, Nissan, BMW, Subaru, Kia and other companies leave an impressive driver. Critics say that there is a fuel-efficient tires grip - even if he is aware of things. The impact of fuel - some customers of the things that impressed the tires promising.

Recalling the new release in November Kia Soul EV green car reports, car writer Bengt Halvorson praised the car - but added: "The only thing I do not have a lot of grip, a small hair clip the corners, you will find that the low-rolling-resistance tires does not allows you to enjoy the border. "

Secret sauce tire concept aims to reduce the contact patch with the road. Tiremakers done through new tread, sidewalls harder. But reduces the wet road surface contact with the brake or take off under the green - in particular the recent large, high-performance tires.

Fuel economy and handling

The paradox is that:

N car manufacturers need every inch of that fuel economy can be collected to meet a fleet average of 54.5 miles to the 2025 EPA mandate.

n low rolling resistance tires can be a mile or two to the consumption potential of the digital vehicle. And as a result, each segment car tire supplier to enhance project priority low rolling resistance, said Steve Rohweder, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., the technical director of North America.

n, but the tires tend to be less road holding performance and wear faster. Therefore, when the time comes to replace, consumers rarely ask them for the second time, reports Brent Gruber, director of the division of global automotive company JD Power and Associates.

N and feel as tiremakers, low rolling resistance of the exchange market will not be popular - even an ordinary tire no real bonus - they are less than eager to push the technology.

"We do not believe that consumers embrace that" Joe Maher, passengers and winter tires Continental Tire product manager said. "We hope that the rolling resistance of competitiveness. But I do not care about the results of the exchange market, we believe the land is more important brands of wet adhesion properties."

Maher explains sticky scene, tire companies have become common in the customer's waste tires to drive to the retailer to buy a new one. Dealer's appeal to buyers looking to improve the fuel, and suggested that the group of low rolling resistance tires. Customers to install them and off - took note of the car's fuel economy and performance monitoring to deteriorate immediately.

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