Minimum domestic refined oil prices have dropped two year losing streak

Posted on 11/18/2015 5:14:33 PM

Today 0:00 usher in domestic gasoline and diesel prices cut the eleventh year. The price convergence and November 3, just formed this month domestic oil price adjustment "two losing streak."
With the oil price adjustment this floor, the next round of price cycle will begin, how future oil prices? Whether domestic oil prices can continue to usher in the fall?
Eleventh year finished oil down
The pricing cycle starts, Libya and Brazil boost production, Europe crude oil (41.00, 0.33, 0.81%) futures have soared. However, by the market for the Fed to raise interest rates is expected to increase, the strong dollar rose and US crude oil inventories than-expected growth and other factors to suppress, the international crude oil futures prices have been volatile downward trend.
Under the current refined oil pricing mechanism, domestic oil prices down window 17 November 24 as scheduled to open. Development and Reform Commission said Monday, as international oil prices were volatile downward trend, 10 days before the average price has dropped, so the gasoline and diesel prices were reduced by 85 yuan per ton, 80 yuan.
Refined oil prices down, is bound to reduce gasoline and diesel fuel as a downstream consumer fuel costs, but due to the current round of adjustment is still small, private car owners to reduce fuel costs is limited.
According to the Lung Petrochemical Public Network analyst Xue group estimates, a large logistics transport vehicles traveling 1000 kilometers per reduce costs 25 yuan. The reduction, equivalent to 93 per liter of gasoline down 0.07 yuan, average per ordinary private car traveling 1000 kilometers, reducing the cost of about 5 yuan.
The next price adjustment window open on December 1
In accordance with the pricing mechanism, "a tune of ten working days" principle, the next price adjustment window will open on December 1 24. According BEIJING energy channels understand, under the current round of price adjustment trend is still uncertain, various analysts forecasting today is very different.
Lung Petrochemical Public network analyst Li Yan said: "The current international crude oil prices are still weak, ample supply and poor demand makes global oil inventories remain high, while the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates in December, the strong dollar also suppress the formation of prices. Despite the recent terrorist attacks in France, so that tensions in Syria, but the overall weak positive power of a strong rebound in oil prices is still insufficient. "
Due to the current oil prices approaching $ 40 mark, continue dropping more limited space, so it continued to slump hardly appears. She expects the next round of the probability of refined oil stranded too large.
However, another analyst believes that there are cuts are likely. Zhongyu information analyst high bearing Lufthansa said that due to the recent international crude oil fell too fast, and the rate of decline, leading to the next round of oil price adjustment will render an initial or significantly reduced expectations, so the retail price of refined oil there may be "triple again down "trend.
Paris occurrence of terrorist attacks and the situation in Syria, sparked unrest in the Middle East oil supply, which will boost short of international oil prices, the future of a new round of adjustment start NDRC price or more.

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