German government representatives met in Berlin Po Wo executives eligible Point Like its global strategy

Posted on 1/16/2016 2:35:15 PM

January 13, 2016 (Germany local time), on behalf of the German government in Berlin Automotive Group executives met with Bao Wo Bao Wo cars on the rise in Germany and future development plans. At the meeting, German Waugh Auto Group CEO Mr. Ulrich Walker shared the fertile Po global strategy, the European strategy, business model innovation and product planning, etc. to the government on behalf of Germany, won the highly recognized government representatives. Federal Ministry of Economics and Mr. Matthias Machnig Secretary of State for Energy, President of the German legislative committee, former minister of transport and digital infrastructure, Mr. Peter Ramsauer, German parliamentarians, Christian Democratic Party Vice-President Michael Fuchs, a German member of parliament, the CDU economic and energy Ministry spokesman Mr. Joachim Pfeiffer and Berlin Senate Economic Affairs Director Cornelia Yzer President and other government officials have conducted talks are on the fertile Po cars return to the world-class ranks of carmakers welcome and support, while expression of the German car Po Wo Group rising confidence and expectations.
German treasure Waugh Auto Group CEO Mr. Ulrich Walker explained senior German politicians to focus on a "treasure fertile brands - Germany Chi-made - Global Layout" as the core strategy BGW and "resource coupling, Internet sharing," the new business model. Under the guidance of BGW strategy, according to German Po Wo Automotive Group "based in Germany, the layout of the global" strategic concept, the future will achieve, including native Germany, other European countries, Asia and the Americas and other global markets and the gradual establishment of local production distribution base. Currently, German cars are closely Wolfowitz pushing the development stage in Europe, is expected to progressively achieving full coverage of Europe in the next two years, while completing China, Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other potential market distribution network construction.
In the European market, strategic planning, Po Wo car will be committed to the development of new energy in the European market, and continue to develop new energy-saving irreplaceable, environmentally friendly products. Released the first EV and PHEV and other new energy products in Germany, this strategy will also lay a solid foundation for the future development of Germany fertile Po car. Currently, in the field of new energy and intelligence, fertile Po has been FEV, support ZF (ZF), Bosch (BOSCH), Siemens (Siemens), BASF (BASF) and other top international strategic partners.
In this regard, the Secretary of State for the Federal Economic and Energy Mr. Matthias Machnig Pingjiapogao: "Germany Po Wo product strategy and direction of future efforts is a positive response to the German environmental policy, I believe the new energy and Bao Wo able substitutability energy breakthrough, truly a win-win economic and social value. "

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