Taiwan media: China 72 car prices cheat up ten billion qualification few companies canceled

Posted on 9/16/2016 9:52:11 AM

Reference News Network September 14 Taiwan media reported that, in order to promote new energy vehicles, China introduced the policy of subsidies, but it was business cheat up. Ministry of Finance recently announced five car companies cheat subsidy list, the industry also reported 72 suspected list.
According to Taiwan's United News reported September 13, the mainland media reports, in addition to the already announced GMC Suzhou, Suzhou Jinlong, Shenzhen Wuzhou Dragon, Chery Wanda Guizhou and Henan Shaolin passenger buses, 72 suspected cheat up businesses in almost FAW Department, the Department of Dongfeng, Beijing automotive Department, the Department of SAIC, BYD, Chery, Geely and other major auto companies.
It reported that 72 suspected car prices different number and amount of cheat up behavior, which involved a total of 76,374 vehicles, to cheat up amounted to 9.27 billion yuan.
Survey shows that so far cheat up mainly related to four cases: there are no licensing cars, car electricity, misbranded, related parties and dealers idle.
After belonging to complement the behavior of end-users seeking idle, mainly due to the charging facilities are not built, given a certain period to be used; four cheat up behavior cheat up to 50% according to the amount of the fines and not to pay the new energy subsidies replacement subsidies.
Analysts pointed out that from the upstream industry chain is the development aspects of the real tech enterprise support, there is a want to have serious quality problems or punish corporate fraud. After this massive cheat up event, in fact, very few companies qualified to be canceled, and more stringent punitive measures and exit mechanisms is essential, of course, which necessarily involves the protection of local game and a variety of interests, and local protection hazards can not be ignored.

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