Japanese diesel vehicles in Germany to detect excessive emissions involving Suzuki, Nissan and other car firms

Posted on 4/25/2016 4:40:10 PM

German Transport Minister Alexander Duobulinte 22 said they were investigating the domestic and foreign car companies to expand the production of diesel vehicles in the discovery, Suzuki, Nissan and other 22 kinds of models of nitrogen oxide emission levels exceed the European standard car prices value. Kyodo News 23 reported that the investigation in the German auto giant Volkswagen Group exposed "discharge gate" scandal after implementation. German Ministry for diesel exhaust emission values Suzuki, Nissan, Jaguar, Hyundai and other 53 kinds of indoor models were tested and the actual road test, the results of 22 kinds of models in the road test was detected excessive emissions. Reported that Suzuki diesel cars to be tested under certain conditions, excessive exhaust emissions 10 times, Nissan vehicle exhaust also exceeded several times. Recently, another Japanese car companies Mitsubishi Motors Company scandal continues. This enterprise not only cheating on its 3.4 "mini" car fuel economy test, also suspected when the fuel value of about 10 car models tested violation has not been introduced in Japan officially approved standards. Infrastructure and Transport of Japan Danjing Qi-22, said the scandal will make the Japanese auto industry suffered losses.

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