Subaru released a new platform to enhance the "peace of mind and pleasure" brand value

Posted on 4/21/2017 11:15:53 AM

April 19, the seventeenth Shanghai International Auto Show grand opening. Subaru Automotive (China) Co., Ltd. to "upgrade the future of global technology to enjoy peace," the theme of grand exhibition, for China released a new generation of production platform "SUBARU GLOBAL PLATFORM (Subaru global platform)", the display of its classic representative models Use the ring screen video settings to prevent the safety technology EyeSight driving support system functional experience area, to all the audience to fully demonstrate the "peace of mind and pleasure" this unique brand value. In the auto show on the media day, with a writer, driver, director of the identity of Han Han also visit the Subaru booth, as the Subaru Chinese Rally team ace driver to win the process, as well as the hot movie "wind and waves" behind the story, Subaru passion, movement, full of personality brand characteristics.
Subaru in this exhibition released a new generation of production platform - "SUBARU GLOBAL PLATFORM (Subaru global platform)" is the integration of its accumulated over the years R & D results, while customers look forward to the idea of Subaru-type repairer, focusing on the future Built, is Subaru greatly enhance the "peace of mind and pleasure," the brand value of the important improvements made. This new production platform will achieve technical breakthroughs for Subaru in three areas:
First of all, to allow the Subaru vehicle has a direct driver of the sensory level of high quality driving texture. The global platform enhances straight-line stability by increasing the rigidity of the individual parts of the body and chassis to twice the cash model and using a more rational layout to further reduce the center of gravity. In addition, the overall anti-distortion of the new production platform than the cash models increased by more than 70%, can effectively reduce the vibration amplitude and reduce vehicle noise, reinforced rigid suspension can effectively filter the ups and downs of the ups and downs, coupled with the body The rear of the installation of the stabilizer, the body swing amplitude than the cash model and then reduced by 50%. Therefore, the production of vehicles through the platform to achieve more stable driving, the car less noise, ride a more comfortable effect.
Second, the platform can bring significant security performance upgrades to Subaru. The body center of gravity once again reduced by 5mm, combined with the optimization of the driving system, a higher stability of the vehicle to bring active safety performance upgrade. At the same time, due to the use of more effective absorption of collision energy frame structure, and improve the material, body strength can be greatly improved. In the 2016 annual JNCAP crash test, the new Impreza and SUBARU XV test results produced by the global platform to refresh the record to obtain the annual "crash safety performance evaluation award", proved that the platform in the passive safety Performance advantages.
Third, to deal with the future development trend of electric vehicles to achieve a unified platform for the development of diversified power models design ideas. In the future, Subaru's petrol engine models, hybrid models, electric vehicles, including all models will be based on a unified production platform design and development and production.
To the combination of innovative models with innovative ideas of automotive technology, Subaru through this exhibition once again demonstrated the realization of "peace of mind and pleasure" brand value of confidence. In April this year, Subaru car parent company Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to "SUBARU Co., Ltd.", the company name and brand name were unified. With this opportunity, Subaru will accelerate its brand value and continue its efforts to grow into a global brand that is attractive to the automotive industry.

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