Chun school performance fell below expectations road is still bumpy transition Tianjin FAW

Posted on 6/1/2015 5:59:12 PM

Tianjin FAW mentioned, it is not open around Xiali. As a taxi, Xiali had popular north and south, as private cars, Charade is the first car into the Chinese families. However, with shrinking consumer demand upgrades range market, the Tianjin FAW's market share is now at 10 per cent a year plummeted. Faced with the continuing decline in Tianjin FAW, FAW Group made its repositioning, the "economy car base" to "economical passenger base."
Hoping to revive the Chun faction
Chun school after the Tianjin FAW Xiali and Weizhi third brand, its price range 70 000 -12 million, higher than Xiali and Weizhi, the target market in second-tier cities, Tianjin FAW hopes to send Chun brand launch form economical passenger base, "high, medium, low" product placement. Tianjin FAW Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Huang Chun-ming, general manager of introduction, Tianjin FAW this year to develop the 130,000 sales target, which account for nearly half of the Chun faction D60 proportion of sales target of 60,000. To Chun faction supporting brand development, Tianjin FAW have built and put into operation a new vehicle manufacturing plant, to monitor the factories, new product development center, and a new base powertrain, including a new vehicle manufacturing plant will be dedicated production line Chun School.
In addition, Tianjin FAW 4S shop also been upgraded. Reporters visited its distributor in Beijing, the other generally reflect, since the brand and Chun Chun faction faction D60 release, not only for its high hopes, in-store marketing ideas have been more significant changes. "Previously, only Xiali and Weizhi, we rarely participate in the city's regional auto show, exhibition and now as long as the conditions are ripe, various regional exhibition in the city we will try to participate." Mr. Wang said dealer responsible person, Such changes are possible in order to seize the consumer more in urban areas, in order to cope with high-end needs. "Take the Beijing market, we do not want our owners are concentrated in five or six ring outside the user within the city limits, the better."
It is reported that Tianjin FAW future will launch three new models, including a small car, a compact car and a compact SUV, three new models in the latest of a will be released in the second half of 2018, Chun send brand compact car is expected to be released under in 2016. In addition, Xiali and Weizhi V5 N7 change models will be available this year.
Product strength or suspected dislocation
Middle of last month, held in Beijing, Tianjin FAW Chun faction D60 safety and health briefings, Tianjin FAW Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Ren party put their personal micro-channel two-dimensional code affixed to the wall, the participants are free to scan code attention. The D60 listed at the beginning of Chun faction, Tianjin FAW to grab a red envelope, comics, video and other forms of fun through micro-letter interpretation of the product, showing the way in the development of its spread to the younger, interesting direction.
And for the product itself, Tianjin FAW passed out signal is "Safety + Health", in the form of briefing, Tianjin FAW demonstrated the Chun faction D60 made on the C-NCAP five-star score, also shows its air in the car quality performance. Huang Chunming repeatedly stressed that safety and environmental protection is not a short-term marketing concepts Chun faction D60, but the long-term development of Tianjin FAW philosophy; after Chun faction D60, Chun send brand also launched a series of upgrade products, will have safety and environmental protection are two Product Features. But the reporter visited found dealers to inform consumers when the product will highlight the powertrain, as safety and air quality and other aspects of the car, "I personally think the price to buy the car owners may still be more concerned about it really good opening, appearance, price, etc., safety and interior air quality is not to say no attention, but as a decisive factor of car, qualifying or after will be biased. "a dealer said.
Sales data by the Federation statistics show that since October 27 last year listed at the end of March this year, total sales of Chun faction D60 9509, this market was the target of annual sales 60,000 still some distance. "Chun faction D60 all aspects of performance are good, price is high. When we give the car market set a target to sell 50-60 units a month, but can sell about 30 a month." A responsible dealers said that although Chun faction D60 sales did not meet expectations, but the market performance is still possible. "Now the development of the automobile market mainly affected by the large environmental impact, and the SUV competition in this price range are more intense, in Beijing this restriction, the city has such a performance is in line with market reality, can accept."
Background plate
After the merger Xiali, FAW Group, has yet to solve its internal problems with the competition, FAW Xiali long-term lack of new technology into products archaic NBC platform. FAW Xiali since the second half of 2012 profits fell across the board experience: 2012 net profit plunged 68.74%; 2013 continued to decline, the annual loss of 480 million yuan, the decline was 1503.44%; 2014 FAW Xiali net attributable to shareholders of listed companies loss of profits 1.55 billion -17.5 billion, the decline amounted to 222.92% -264.58%.
From April 2 this year, FAW Xiali stock referred changed "ST Charade", according to the current delisting system of listed companies for three consecutive years of losses will be forced to withdraw from the market.

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