2017 Renault brand experience tour Beijing station start

Posted on 7/31/2017 9:33:15 AM

"2017 Renault brand experience day" on July 28 at the Lafayette Castle Hotel in Beijing, the perfect interpretation of the Renault 119 years through the history of the brand spirit - "passion and challenge." In the 1920s and 1950s, the 40 CV and Etoile Filante, which constantly created the legendary speed, not only made static exhibitions, but also carried out driving demonstrations to reproduce the glory and legend. In addition, the young users sought after Ke Leijia, a new generation of Koleigh proud, card Bin, and the second half of the upcoming landing in the Chinese market Renault high-end flagship model Renault ESPACE, Renault for the Chinese market to provide a unique brand experience: Yue heart design, Warm heart technology and peace of mind.
"As one of the few car brands in the world for three centuries, Renault has created countless brilliant legends and success in the global market, and has become Europe's second largest carmaker," said Emmanuel Bouvier, director of marketing for Renault Asia Pacific. "We will inherit history, challenge the moment, open up the future.China has always been a priority strategic market Renault, we hope to create new legend here, our long - term goal is to get 3.5% market share in China.
From the French Renault Group classic model expert Nicholas Fernandez explained the history of Renault classic models. 119 years of history, Renault for the automotive industry has brought countless surprises and first, such as the first car, the first turbocharger, they witnessed and changed the human century traffic mode of travel. Etoile Filante created the world's fastest world record of turbo-engine vehicles at the final land test in 1956 at 308.9 km / h.
For Renault, for more than 100 years the brand heritage of the soul, is constantly challenging the status quo, pioneering the future of passion. This is the beginning of the constant, is to make people's lives become more relaxed. To now, let the Renault brand in China continue to refresh the identification of Yue heart design, warm heart technology and peace of mind brand experience.

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