The 15th China (Beijing) International RV Camp was opened in Beijing

Posted on 9/8/2017 10:00:30 AM

September 17, 2017, by the China Association of Automobile Industry Committee of the Housing Committee, the 21st century car, the world car market, Beijing camping car exhibition Co., Ltd. contractors to "find the car world" as the theme of the 15th China (Beijing) International RV roving exhibition, the 8th China International RV Camping Conference in the car world world Beijing car Expo Center grand opening. Leaders from the industry, business representatives, domestic and foreign mainstream media and car family family members were invited to participate in the opening ceremony.
Attended the opening ceremony of the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Tourism Development Committee, deputy director of the party members Wang Yue, Beijing Municipal Tourism Development Committee Industrial Development Promotion Department Director Wang Qing, Beijing Fangshan District People's Government Deputy Mayor Yu Jishun, Beijing Fengtai District Development Committee Chairman Lu Aiguo, Beijing Fangshan District Changyang Town Government Deputy Mayor Liu Wenjing, Beijing Fengtai District Changxindian town government deputy mayor Li Xin, China Automotive Industry Association Assistant Secretary Huo Yu Min, China Automotive Industry Association, Lin Dehe, China Travel Car Association Association of car travel and camping car section Secretary-General Liu Hanqi, China Automobile and motorcycle sports association car camping branch president Lin Jie, Beijing car camping camping travel association executive vice president and secretary general Li Yan, Beijing Associate University Tourism College Party Secretary Cao Changxing, general manager of the Housing Group Wu Wei, 21st century car founder and CEO Wang Jidong.
  This exhibition has been in the Automobile Association Committee, China Travel Car Association Zijia You and camping car trading branch, China Automobile and motorcycle sports association car camping branch of the International Trade Promotion Committee of the automotive industry branch, Beijing car camping camp by car, China RV camping Union, China Brand Automobile Union, China Brand Camp Union, Housing Construction Group, Beijing Union University Tourism Institute, Beijing Fu Ling Automotive Technology Development Co., Ltd. strong support and guidance. It is reported that the total exhibition area of the exhibition exceeded 60,000 square meters, more than 360 exhibitors, the audience is expected to more than 60,000 people, will once again refresh the fall of Beijing International RV camp exhibition history.

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