Hybrid LaCrosse Avista Buick unveiled a new strategy released

Posted on 4/23/2016 4:25:19 PM

On Buick Day held on April 18, Shanghai GM Buick officially released a new generation of Buick LaCrosse full-hybrid models. At the same time new energy vehicles for Buick launched the "blue Buick" car standard also with a whole new generation LaCrosse full hybrid models come together. Also at the event, the Buick brand in the North American Auto Show earlier this year will be stunning debut Avista concept car for the first time brought to the country.
SAIC-GM as the "Green Future" strategy blockbuster products, the Buick LaCrosse whole new generation of hybrid models will be based on the month before the listing of the new LaCrosse to create, in the appearance details will be exclusively for Buick's exclusive new energy vehicles logo and tail.
For the general layout of the new energy future Group, SAIC GM, General Manager Wang Yongqing, said: GM Group will begin full implementation of electrification technology, including HEV (hybrid electric oil), EREV (extended range hybrid) and PHEV (plug electric hybrid) in three forms, the future will be based on three hybrid forms and the introduction of related models.
Avista Buick concept car has stunning debut at the beginning of the North American Auto Show, this is in the domestic debut. Avista concept car build by General Motors global design team, inspired by classic models Riviera, draw inspiration from the time in order to exhibit a unique aesthetic possibilities Buick future designs.
Avista concept car's exterior design inspiration from Buick hundred years of history, vehicle lines go, and the abolition of the B-pillar design. Front grille design enabled the newest flying wing front grille design, but does not use a straight waterfall grille has always been in favor of using a honeycomb design. The new LaCrosse also draws Avista concept car in network design.
Interior design is very advanced, the most interesting part-+ LCD instrument panel center console must go, including the shift area is also not using any physical buttons. 2 + 2 seat layout design is also very science fiction, front center armrest is throughout the vehicle, visually reduce the sense of weight. In order to make this concept car is really lighter, internal doors and a seat part of using 3D printing technology, very avant-garde.

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