Jeep domestic hard into straw Guangqi Fick comeback sandaokan

Posted on 10/27/2015 9:50:08 AM

After nine years in the domestic project discontinued, Jeep brand return to domestic ranks, and the object of cooperation by Beijing Benz Daimler Chrysler into a GAC FIAT Chrysler Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Guangzhou Automobile Fick"). Domestic Jeep officially free light Fick in Changsha, Guangzhou Automobile factory assembly line, and plans to market in November. Meanwhile, the Guangzhou Automobile Fick new dealers will achieve sales of four brands, Fiat Te Fei Xiang, cars and Jeep SUV brand to achieve a total store sales growth for the Guangzhou Automobile Fick paved the way. However, whether Fiat or Chrysler have plungers on domestic projects we had the experience of failure, the comeback has been in the industry as an opportunity for Fiat and Chrysler to take off twice, but that does not mean a winner.
Price: no advantage compared with the imported version
In fact, as the second to enter the domestic, Jeep performance of people full of expectations. Jeep also believe, then shut down SUV in China is a miscarriage of justice, it will not be lost now Jeep domestically. Last year, global sales reached free light 236,300, second only to the Grand Cherokee Jeep's ranked second in car sales is expected this year, Jeep will benefit from free global sales of domestic light.
Jeep brand and Ram brands, global head of Fiat Chrysler Group COO Mai Mingkai Asia Pacific, said, "30 years ago, Jeep is the first in China's production of international brands. Today, re-made Jeep realized 'in Chinese, is China 'local manufacturing to meet Chinese consumers world-class quality requirements. localization Let us closer to consumers, so that we become more competitive in the marketplace. "
According to the plan, after domestic light Jeep free market, the first to launch a variety of models 2.4L, 2.0L model will increase in the future, we will be professional quality standards SUV reshape 200,000 -30 million range SUV maximum amount of energy market structure. Beijing Daily Reporter visited understands at present, the city imported Jeep 2.4L free light version has been out of stock. A salesperson said the city currently imported free light version 37.5 million, promotions between 70,000 -8 million, the actual price at around 30 million, while the upcoming domestic free light disclosed the price range of 200,000 -30 million, domestic and imported 2.4L urban version of the terminal price gap is not large.
Channel: integration of complementary Prospects
However, this Jeep domestic sales increase not only to assume the task, but also act as firefighters, rescue gradually marginalized Fiat brand in China. According to statistics, the domestic main models as Fiat, Xiang Fei first nine months of this year sold only 16,700, down nearly 50%.
The industry believes that, once the GAC FIAT is Guangzhou Automobile Group's internal sales contribution of the lower joint venture, with the Jeep brand localization, and the future import of Chrysler models, comprehensive layout of the brand and product matrix will further drive the business segments to enhance and promote Guangzhou Automobile Group joint venture Europe business segment diversification balanced development, pioneering industrial layout.
At the same time, Guangzhou Automobile Fick has begun preparations dealer and net work. It is reported that Guangzhou Automobile Fick will lead the development of the former Chrysler and Fiat are two broad network of outstanding distributors, same-store sales all brands, all product lines dealers, at the end of this year there will be more than 280 multi-brand store sales, At present the first batch of a total of 50 dealers by the assessment. Imported Jeep 4S shops and GAC FIAT 4S store sales of domestic freedom will be synchronized light, GAC FIAT 4S store sales staff also said that next year Jeep series with other products free passengers, free Man also will be made.
Beijing Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market Yan Jinghui, deputy general manager believes that on brand building, Jeep SUV has been a professional image of the show, brand awareness and reputation is relatively high, but less than the Fiat brand awareness and competitive models, the combined complementary whether brand sales outlook is still difficult to predict. If the free light and imported models listed prices failed to pull away, perhaps this will be the biggest obstacle Jeep SUV into the Chinese mainstream camp.
Target: annual sales 500,000 facing Examination
According to Guangzhou Automobile Fick expected, since the end of the domestic free light, can produce about 4000-5000 vehicles, final planning monthly capacity 10,000. And until 2018, the overall annual sales target for the development of Guangzhou Automobile Fick 500,000. Automotive industry expert Zhang Zhiyong, said early in the Fiat joint venture Nanjing Fiat had developed a plan of domestic sales 300,000, now reintroduced high growth plans difficult to achieve still not reduced.
According to the plan, after domestic light free market, Guangzhou Automobile Fick next year there will be two new Jeep models made in China, and join forces with the imported product line, consisting of the industry's most comprehensive coverage of market segments SUV product line.
However, in 2015 China's automobile market suddenly stall, in the Chinese automobile market by the high growth to low growth in the process, as a newly established company, Guangzhou Automobile Fick in addition to relying on the Jeep brand no return. A person familiar with Guangzhou Automobile Fick of sources, focus on the future of domestic guangqi Fick will mainly put the Jeep brand, which also indicates that the Fiat brand will become a supporting role.
At present, although the larger Jeep brand sales, but domestic competitive advantage is not obvious. Previously, domestic brands in the market focused on the Great Wall SUV car, because too much reliance SUV, the market has appeared passive situation, the future once the SUV market trend becomes weak, will guangqi Fick overall fatal blow.
In the automotive industry expert Zhang Zhiyong opinion, when the high-speed growth in the Chinese market, Fiat did not let get impressive performance, into slow growth of the Chinese market in terms of opportunities for the Guangzhou Automobile Fick lower. Despite the continuing hot Chinese market make Jeep SUV carrying the promotion of domestic sales of the task, but the SUV market competition is heating up almost without a strong brand sales scale support, hang Guangzhou Automobile Jeep Fick's not easy to stand out.

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