Executives who delayed retirement will face life imprisonment in the Senate bill

Posted on 8/2/2014 2:36:03 PM

WASHINGTON - auto executives who delayed safety recalls, resulting in the death toll could be based on a new bill by Sen. American that has been his switch memory of General Motors Corporation, managing one of the most vocal critics of the prison back towards life.

USA Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo system. He introduced a bill Friday aimed at improving vehicle and road safety, will also exert such disregard or violation of the rules of automotive safety company faces a punishment.

As summarized McCaskill office, the bill would give federal prosecutors more leeway to issue criminal charges in automotive safety violations, impose stiffer penalties for those violations, "including life imprisonment for the cause of death behavior. "

The bill is called the Law of Improving road safety cars, also have a number of other tools and sanctions enforcement automobile safety. This, among other things:

• eliminate the current $ 46 million maximum civil penalties against the company may be in violation of safety standards of vehicles tax.

• Increase by $ 6,000 for each vehicle safety violations cap of $ 36,000 produced.

• National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for vehicle safety funding in six couples.

• prohibit the sale or rental of recalls affecting vehicle safety, said the rent until it was fixed.

• require car rental companies to "ground" recalled vehicles in its fleet.

• Allow the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about how police retirement with rental car company security.

• Grant funds reauthorization safety on state highways in  the Highway Trust Fund for six years.

• Modify the program of federal grant road safety.

For a complete summary of the bill, please click here.

Traffic accidents and fatalities cost about 33,000 lives each year must take additional steps to improve security, McCaskill said in a statement.

"In the latest example of Toyota and GM painful that we should also make it easier to prosecute those who put the safety of consumers at risk," McCaskill said.

"For a long time, resources auto safety remain almost stagnant, while the car are challenges in terms of security becomes more complex. The bill for these modern departments safety oversight challenges to better protect American consumers from financial and law enforcement resources. "

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McCaskill, a former county prosecutor, has been one of the strongest critics of GM in the company retirement crisis. She has served her grill General Motors executives, including the CEO and general counsel Mary Barra Mike Millikin, expressed dismay at the recent hearing on July 17, Millikin was allowed to keep his job Crisis two hearings of the subcommittee.

Our bill are very ambitious set of legislative proposals, tempered safety oversight of General Motors automobile ignition switch prompts recall crisis.

It is also based on the proposed Legislative Council, as proposed in May Sanz Several other bills elements(plunger). Richard Blumenthal, Massachusetts, Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Bill Nelson, D-Florida, to remove hats $ 35 million fine, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, DW.V. a bill that would increase funding for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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