Minimalist! Car circle to create a new marketing ecology

Posted on 11/16/2016 9:06:39 AM

Minimalism as a new way of life, to simple to extreme as a criterion, the senses on the simple and clean, taste and thinking more elegant, in the life circle has set off a new wave.
At present, this minimalist wind in the car circle is also highly sought after, from automotive product development concept to the vehicle design style, more and more products in the exterior or interior are revealed a simple beauty. In the brand and product marketing is even more so, a concise statement of a label, moving the people of a slogan, has gradually become the mainstream of new marketing direction.
In the rapid development of the market, how to allow users to brand or product has an intuitive impression is a lot of business thinking. The lengthy description does not correspond to the form of information nowadays. How to use a word image of the brand image, and caused ambiguity, is a question worth thinking about.
Car circle has made an example, whether it is "ingenuity" as the driving force of the soul of the Lexus, or "Yue" as the core brand appeal of BMW, or "fun" as the product design guidelines Dongfeng Fengshen AX5, will This word or a word of minimalist charm to the extreme. "Ingenuity" reflects the ultimate desire for details of the Lexus, and its sublimation uncompromising, the pursuit of the perfect spirit of the idea; "Yue" for BMW users to experience the pure driving pleasure, but also enjoy the dream of pleasure, responsibility Of Yue and sharing of pleasure. In Dongfeng Fengshen eyes, "fun" and the current generation of the younger generation has innate recognition and resonance.
A word of resonance
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In the homogenization of more and more serious commodity society, consumers buy goods will make "choice phobia." How to brand the idea or product slogan condensed into a simple straightforward phrase, triggering resonance is not easy to grasp the effort. Can be remembered is not necessarily a good copy, the real good copy should be the kind of one will be able to hit people, deep inside.

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