Changan 3.3 billion investment to build a new plant to increase production capacity approved six percent

Posted on 4/9/2015 4:39:44 PM

April 7, the reporter from the Chongqing Development and Reform Commission, the new factory is located in Chongqing Changan Automobile Two Rivers Area fish head has received the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission, the project total investment of 3.37 billion yuan of new, designed annual capacity of 240,000, the largest annual production capacity load 360,000.
It is reported that the new plant will Changan Automobile Changan use P3 platform independent research and development, production C201, C301 series models. Changan C201 which is currently available in Yubei plant compact car escape move, the car sales of 154,900 last year, total sales at Changan accounted for 27%. The C301 was launched Changan March 6 Yat move pure electric version of the model, the model currently in Shenzhen factory OEM Changan PSA.
Last year, Changan annual total sales of own-brand passenger cars 572,000, up nearly 40% upgrade, Changan Automobile production capacity has continued to keep up with sales growth. Prior to this, Chang capacity allocation in Chongqing, Beijing, Hefei three production bases. To get rid of capacity constraints, Changan Automobile spend 2.8 billion yuan last year on the expansion of existing plants, invested 440 million to buy China Changan factory in Hefei. This year, through the use of joint venture Changan Automobile began releasing its own car brand OEM factory capacity.
According to insiders Changan Automobile, Chang'an currently Yubei plant design capacity of 280,000, the maximum load capacity of 380 000, while the production of high-end models of the Beijing plant this year to expand production capacity to 180,000, with production at the end of last year only factory in Hefei 30,000 capacity, the total capacity of the existing plant currently Changan about 590,000, then the above annual capacity of 360,000 after the commissioning of new plant production capacity Chang'an own passenger growth of 60%.

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