JD Logistics, WM Motor co-build smart logistics truck JV

Posted on 8/3/2018 10:13:36 AM

On August 1, JD Logistics, WM Motor, Global Logistic Properties (GLP), JUMA jointly announced the establishment of a smart truck joint venture, which will work on developing new type of intelligent trucks and may put them into volume production in 2020.
Reportedly, the new intelligent truck, which is workable in various complicated logistics scenarios, is designed to make drivers' operations safer and more efficient by virtue of the intelligent in-vehicle terminal that connects with diversified applications, such as OPEN API, logistics map, remote real-time diagnose and danger warning, etc. Meanwhile, the intelligent truck is managed by a logistic SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and an asset management platform, so as to ensure the vehicle operational efficiency and property security.
Four founders will play different roles in the truck development for the new joint venture. JD Logistics will donate its technologies and logistics resources for the truck R&D. The EV startup WM Motor will engage in the vehicle building on design, manufacturing and NEV (new energy vehicle) technologies. JUMA, which has its own truck fleet for cargo delivery services, will primarily work on truck asset management and digital logistic operation. GLP will focus on maintaining and improving an open logistics ecosystem in which the intelligent truck operation will be involved in the future.
JD Logistics has been partnering with a number of China-based EV makers to jointly test and develop NEV logistics vehicles since November 2017. Up until now, it has deployed thousands of NEV logistics vehicles in 16 major cities around China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an and Shenyang.

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