Qi Yumin said the Brilliance Group, the strategic adjustment of 300 billion plan

Posted on 7/2/2015 10:23:18 AM

"Shenhua Holdings I am very concerned, and very suck." Speaking Shenhua Holdings (600653, SH) in the past, chairman of Brilliance Group, president of Qi Yumin this summary. However, this makes "suck" the Shenhua Holdings and will become a major part of the Brilliance Group's business development.
June 29, has been low-key acting Shenhua Holdings announced a high profile, with the Brilliance Group, HP China has established a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the integration of Internet, cloud computing, big data, and integration services for the automotive car cloud services platform. July 1, Shenhua Holdings recurrence announcement, said the signing of an agreement of intent with Yi Cheng Holdings, which will be fully involved Shenhua Holdings Motor City project.
Qi Yumin told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, said: "Earlier Shenhua Holdings is a company mainly in the automotive trade, the future of the company will become a whole industry chain layout auto service company." This is the Brilliance Group strategy One of the important directions of adjustment.
Qi Yumin said the future panorama planning: In the "Thirteen Five" period, the Brilliance Group will achieve 300 billion yuan of revenue, in order to achieve this goal, in addition to the accelerated asset-heavy build, its distribution assets in the field have begun Speed.
With Shenhua Holdings expand further in the field of automotive service, "Thirteen Five" late, the company's revenue is expected to account for 20% of the Brilliance Group.
From car to car service trade
According to Shenhua Holdings, Brilliance Group, HP China signed the agreement, the tripartite cooperation including a total of three aspects, namely, to create a vehicle networking, electricity suppliers and distributors platform; create a set of car leasing, auto finance, maintenance and other comprehensive accessories as one of the automotive aftermarket O2O platform; the use of HP's global leader in providing information technology solutions for the Brilliance Group and Shenhua Holdings together to achieve innovative applications of cloud computing, big data, etc. within the automotive industry. The establishment of this series of car online platforms, in the final analysis is to serve the line of actual business.
Qi Yumin said: "The future of Shenhua Holdings from a car trade-based company into a car service covering the whole industry chain company whose main businesses include auto finance, car rental, car trading platform to build, automotive logistics, the whole. vehicle and parts trade, automobile recycling scrap and recycling. "
Shenhua Holdings business transformation today came to light, the signal has already released. From the beginning of January this year, Shenhua Holdings would have released a proposed Shenhua (Kaifeng) Logistics Industrial Park Limited, the proposed joint venture between Dalian Chenda scrap car recycling Co., Kaifeng capital and a series of steam Bon announcement.
However, six car services covered Shenhua Holdings future, the company is not a pioneer, future influx of persons likely as the stars. "So we need to do business differentiation." Qi Yumin said.
Tang Qi, president of Shenhua Holdings, the car rental, the rental outlets Shenhua Holdings set up in the future not only to have leasing capabilities, will have a car show, car sales maintenance and other functions. While at the same time carry out the passenger car leasing business, the company will also dabbled in special vehicles, RV rental business.

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