Following Ling customized luxury cars crossing the public again for Shanghai Volkswagen?

Posted on 9/25/2014 3:12:31 PM

According to overseas media reports Worldcarfans, Volkswagen is planning to launch exclusively for the Chinese market a luxury car.
Reported that this new luxury models of the internal code-named 511, will be based on the Audi A6L models to build, will be consistent with the positioning Volkswagen Phaeton models. Mainly in the Volkswagen Design Center in Europe to complete the R & D work, and will produce Shanghai Volkswagen, and listed at the end of 2015, the estimated annual sales of 50,000.
However, a public relations staff Volkswagen China in an interview with reporters, said there is no relevant information in this regard, Shanghai Volkswagen party also did not respond to reporters' questions.
If true, this will also be introduced next year Shanghai Volkswagen's second high-end models, during the Chengdu auto show this year, Shanghai Volkswagen has announced a further introduction of production of a new coupe Lamando Ling crossing, the model is based on the Volkswagen MQB platform create the first coupe, hit the young, fashion, may be Shanghai Volkswagen Yizheng factory production.
It is reported that Volkswagen hopes to further enhance its performance in the Chinese market through the introduction of the new models.
Compared to other multinational brands in China has introduced lower prices, more personalized models compared to the Volkswagen brand is growing attention to the introduction of high-end models. The last two years of development, and indeed proved the vitality of the Volkswagen brand in 华旺盛, the two joint venture sales in China firmly occupy the top two, the new Passat, Magotan CC, Tiguan Golf 6 and have achieved unprecedented success.
If the industry had also exploring Shanghai Volkswagen Ling crossing can create new miracles, then for the future of the new luxury sedan, but a little more skeptical. "If the Phaeton sales in China to determine that the car coming in China really worrying, after all, it's just a popular brand." An industry source told this reporter.
But he also had to admit that the public in China have never been presented as a "public" brand, he claims that section 4000 yuan of small cars, the Chinese people and that is the legend.

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