German Po Wo implement comprehensively promote cooperation with SAP Intelligent Manufacturing

Posted on 6/14/2016 10:10:44 AM

With Merkel, German governments actively promote "Made in China 2025" and the "German Industry 4.0" strategy docking, and promote China's manufacturing industry from the "manufacturing" to "Chi-made" transformation.
 Sino-German economic and technical cooperation forum held in Beijing, China, Germany Bao fertile ground agreement with SAP Automotive Group signed a strategic cooperation, "VDA 4.0" model in China to expand the practice.
 By partnering with SAP, Po Wo car fully open R & D, manufacturing, industry chain supply chain, sales, service, global operation, etc., to build effective interconnection, integration, full channel information platform to the future, "Chi-made" age at full speed ahead.
Along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the year ninth visit to China, Sino-German economic and trade cooperation is accelerating into the fast lane. June 13, at the Eighth Forum on Sino-German economic and technical cooperation by the National Development and Reform Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and co-sponsored by the Department of Energy, Premier Li Keqiang, German Chancellor Angela Merkel witnessed in the Great Hall of the German Po Wo automotive Group and SAP strategic cooperation agreement signed by China landing, the national Development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi, Minister of the German economic and energy Machnig attended the signing ceremony. Po Wo Automotive (China) CEO Wei Yanqin and global vice president, Greater China general manager of SAP co-Qiang representing the two sides signed the agreement.
The end of March this year, in Stuttgart, Germany Bao Wo automotive and SAP Group signed a global strategic partnership agreement. According to the agreement as a "German Industry 4.0," an important advocate and practitioner, SAP will help open up the treasure Wolfowitz auto industry chain, to build effective interconnection, integration, full channel information platform to "Industry 4.0" concept as the basis to construct a new car Po Wo enterprises operating mode. Now, with the formal signing of a cooperation agreement China landing, which means fertile Po cars have been trying to explore and proud "VDA 4.0" model, will be officially practiced in China.
In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, the German government first proposed the "Industry 4.0" concept, that make full use of information and communication technology and cyberspace virtual systems - Physical Information System (Cyber-Physical System) means a combination of the manufacturing industry transition to intelligent. During Merkel's visit, Chinese and German governments actively promote the "China 2025" and the "German Industry 4.0" strategy docking. Practicing "Industry 4.0" model of cooperation signed by the German Po Wo car with SAP, as well as the automotive industry, but also will greatly promote China's manufacturing industry from the "manufacturing" to "Chi-made" transformation.
According to Bao Wo car's "Industry 4.0" system, through agile manufacturing system, Po Wo a "flexible manufacturing" real-time response to market changes and customer demand; while establishing "smart factory", through the construction of CPS system, focusing on creating intelligent production system, as well as networking of production facilities, and ultimately business supply chain, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects of the data, intelligence, and achieve the purpose of efficient production and meet the individual needs to complete the traditional manufacturing to the intelligent transformation. The establishment of this system, is inseparable from the strong industrial Chi-made capability, without the support of the same digital platform.
According to the agreement signed by floor, Po Wo car and SAP will work together to build the ability to have real-time analysis of large data platform, enterprise real-time decision support to achieve Bao Wo business model fast iterative updates, and timely rectification of problems found. Open up Internet customers and vehicle interaction data and the contact data in the data line through the large, ultimately "end" of Internet-based innovation and transformation. Based on integration "Internet + car" architecture philosophy, Po Wo end customers will be able to create personalized models, provided through the pre-sale, sale and other life cycle stages of the ultimate experience, with highly scalable information systems to achieve interoperability store sales at online and offline, to facilitate customers Momentary maintenance services, and provide real-time information and other mass market cars.
Po Wo Automotive (China) CEO Wei Yanqin, said: "At present, with the mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing technologies mature, intelligent vehicle is at your fingertips, thereby resulting in the automotive industry to achieve disruptive change to adapt to the future. variable traffic, the fertile Po is committed to a 'user thinking' as a starting point, through the integration of information and intelligence, and effectively create a more fit user needs traffic travel solutions, people and vehicles one really becomes possible. " SAP's global vice president, Greater China, co-general manager Li Qiang expressed: "SAP actively seeking partners with outstanding automotive sector to cooperate in order to jointly open a new future intellectual-made cars today and we are very proud to find like-minded partners, and leading German. car manufacturer Volvo Cars treasure cooperation, we believe that with technology and the strength of both companies, is bound to be able to promote the automotive industry to achieve new upgrade. "
Currently, the German Po Wo car factory in Beijing intelligent ready, through the Internet to build effective, integrated, all-channel information platform, Po Wo fully open up all aspects of R & D, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, service and other industrial chain. Meanwhile, for the Chinese market to meet consumer demand for new features and business models is also actively build in the future will better meet user demand for diversified automotive life. We believe that the deepening of cooperation with SAP, the large efforts to promote the fertile Po car full speed ahead into the future age "Chi-made."

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