Musk Tesla innovative weaken more like a visit to the show?

Posted on 10/26/2015 11:18:43 AM

Last week, Tesla founder Musk (Elon Musk) third in China, compared with its own sensation brought about by the information he brought it appears dull, and even some scribbled.
October 22, Musk attended Tsinghua Management Global Forum, in a conversation with the President of the scene Qian said, Tesla will achieve the localization Model 3 volume capacity in China within two years; the next day Tesla China region 7.0 system, the conference site, Musk personally introduced the updated system some basic optimization content, and said the system will pre-owned vehicles with automatic driving assistance functions.
But the industry view, at this stage of Tesla has become a traditional car companies, it renders domestic and automatic driving assistance systems, etc., have lagged behind the other car companies Caterpillar 320D injector valve.
October 23, Tesla in a news release to the media, said: While other brand owners require costly re-purchase of a car with automatic driving function, the Tesla owners but can it at night Inter, the Model S will own free upgrade to an automatic driving car. This is definitely a cool thing.
But Maske in a media interview, also acknowledged that 7.0 Tesla system embodied autopilot technology is only part of driver assistance features, such as automatic lane keeping, automatic change lanes and automatic parking function.
In addition, Musk do not think now the technology has matured to a completely unmanned. To achieve this goal, still we need to have more sensors, the whole system to work perfectly well.
And Tesla led model is different. Today, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Ford and other companies are gradually exposed unmanned vehicle independently developed, although they have achieved ten million kilometers of test mileage unmanned, but until the product landed, just released in part production car some semi-automatic driving.
Similarly, the traditional car prices in autopilot technology development, the only value software upgrades, cares more about hardware support, according to the presentation of traditional car companies judgment on autopilot vehicle safety and performance remains with laser technology, radar technology, wheel correction technology , three-dimensional imaging technology, high-precision sensors, high-precision maps and other use of technology and maturity.
Therefore, the traditional car prices more emphasis on autopilot technology is mature, to be put on autopilot when the market will explore "If an accident occurs, a car manufacturer's responsibility and the driver's responsibility?" For example, not long ago, Volvo says that if Volvo's automatic driving vehicle accidents, Volvo will take full responsibility.
But Musk believes that Tesla automatic driving vehicle traffic accident occurs, it is the driver's responsibility, because Tesla provides autopilot aim is to improve on the high-traffic or highway driving experience. Unmanned aircraft like the same, but also need the driver to put your hands on the steering wheel, the driver needs to pay attention to road traffic.
Musk in an interview stressed that Tesla is still open, "a small company." "The media reports, Tesla looked like an elephant, but in fact our terms of scale or little mice." He said the first three quarters of this year Tesla pure electric cars were sold in China 3025, which Sales for the third quarter grew more than 50%.
Musk predicts that "by 2030, electric vehicles will be expected to occupy the new global capacity for more than half the number of cars, while sales of electric vehicles in China is expected to become the world's first."
Tesla for higher prices, ordinary working-class prohibitive, can only be "the scientific community and IT elites big toy" comment, Musk believes that Tesla higher price because there is no large-scale production. For example, he said, "Nokia is very popular outset, the price is very expensive, then with the advancement of technology, it is large-scale production, and now basically everybody has a cell phone, it will be the same on a path which is also an electric car."
Musk said that after the plant put into operation in China, Tesla's price will certainly be greatly reduced. In addition, the issue through improved car design, but also may reduce the price of Tesla. "I hope, for the fourth-generation or later the car, anyone can choose to buy, affordable cars."
Musk said, Tesla cheaper Model3 future models will be listed in China, is currently planning to lower prices than the current S-type half, once achieved local production in China, the car's domestic prices than imports reduced by one third .

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