Beiqi seek independent sector of new energy technology or brewing separate listing "

Posted on 5/15/2015 11:35:11 AM

New energy automobile market is the exponential growth, is attracting major automotive groups to accelerate the layout in this area.
Recently, the "Daily News" reporter from the Beijing Automotive Group, the relevant person in charge was informed, future BAIC New Energy business is no longer limited to the Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beiqi new energy sources), and will expand to the Beijing Automotive Group almost all brands.
At the same time, he said the relevant responsible person said that the current Beijing Automotive Group established a new energy vehicle management department, highly coordinated research and development, production and other resources from the Group. Future Beijing Automotive (Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd.) (01958, HK), Beijing Hainachuan (Beijing Hainachuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd.) (hereinafter referred to as Hainachuan), and Changhe Automobile, Chongqing Silver Cheung and other independent brands all of the layout of new energy automotive business. In this business expanding, based on the future of new energy sector is likely to be listed on independence. "
Beiqi adjusted new energy business
Recently, internal BAIC Group, a source told the "Daily Economic News" reporters, "Beijing Automotive Group is new energy to do a comprehensive restructuring and business plan, the business will expand to more than BAIC's own-brand business segment And in order to coordinate the development of various sectors of business, the group has set up new energy vehicles management unit. "
In response, Beijing Automotive Group, responsible person said, "BAIC does the founding of new energy vehicles management unit, mainly in order to focus research and development, production and other aspects of the advantages of resources to support the development of Beiqi new energy."
At the same time, Beijing new energy-related official said, "The new energy vehicles management department not only to support the development of Beiqi new energy sources, but also to develop directional policy for the industry to develop new energy BAIC; and support the group's development of various segments new energy business, these business segments mainly include Beijing Automotive's independent business, Hainachuan, Beijing Automotive Group's vehicle division, Changhe. "
"After the initial operation and coordination, Beijing Automotive's first own-brand electric vehicles will soon market." Said BAIC New Energy official, "This car will EV200 Beiqi new energy production with production platform. "
Beiqi new energy and Beijing's auto sector with the platform for the production of electric cars is only transitional product strategy. "BAIC currently being studied in two ways, through independent and joint generation of electric car platform, the platform is put into use, it will be located in Beiqi new energy sources, and the current production vehicle platform EV200 will be completely transferred to the independent sector under the Beijing Automotive. "Beiqi new energy official said.
Meanwhile, the future of music as the basis of Beijing Automotive Holdings has established strategic cooperation on the Beijing auto autonomous electric cars or grafting and vehicle networking technology to create smart electric vehicle products. According to BAIC's plan, the future on the basis of the acquisition of 25.02% stake in the US Atieva and build on the high standard Tesla electric car, or will be settled in the new energy's BAIC.
BAIC internal sources, "Soon, Beijing Automotive Group will launch a plug-in hybrid products."
Brewing new plate separate listing
Currently, Beijing Automotive Group include Foton (600166, SH), Beijing auto two listed companies. Currently, Hainachuan are actively preparing for listing, Peng-Lung future Beiqi Automotive Trade AG are expected to be available. Once the molding Beiqi new energy sector, the future will become the first to focus on new energy vehicles listed companies.
Beijing Automotive relevant person in charge told the "Daily News" reporter, "according to BAIC's plan 'Thirteen Five', Beijing plans to become the country's largest-selling manufacturer of new energy vehicles, products and technologies and strive to achieve world-class."
From the current point of view, to achieve this goal there is not a small challenge. According to data released by Beijing Automotive Group, last year, total sales of new energy vehicles Beiqi 5510, the sales volume behind BYD and Zotye. Last year, BYD sold 18,400 new energy vehicles, Beijing Automotive Group is 3.35 times; zhongtai total sales of 09,700 new energy vehicles, is 1.76 times the Beijing Automotive Group.
According to Reporters statistics, as of 2015 Beijing Automotive Group in Beijing, Hebei, Guangzhou and other cities of nine independent production base of production capacity will reach 2.3 million. Previously, Beijing Automotive Group chairman Xu and Yi had said that as of the end of this year, Beijing Automotive Group's own plate sales will reach 500,000, which means that this year there will be about 1.8 million of idle capacity, which became the Beijing Automotive Group each own production base develop new energy business capacity basis.
BAIC to mobilize all of its own brand, full marketing new energy vehicles, not only to catch up with rivals Beijing Automotive Group is not without benefit; at the same time, also related to the Beijing Automotive Group in the capital market next plan.
Beiqi new energy related official told reporters, "Beijing Automotive Group, the comb and adjust new energy business, is for the future to prepare for the listing of new energy business." Among them, Beiqi new energy is likely to become the new energy business listed carrier.
However, from the current Beiqi new energy business point of view, it is still difficult to form a strong attraction in the capital markets.
In fact, as early as the beginning of a new energy to the Beijing auto market news had surfaced. That time coincided with the eve of the Beijing auto listed, Beijing Automotive Group decided to Beijing has been placed under the car of new energy divestiture, on the establishment of new energy business Beiqi new energy sources. In this regard there have been media reports that the former deputy chief engineer of Beijing Automotive Group, Lin Yi said Beijing Automotive new energy company listed on the 2020 plan.
Said Beiqi new energy official said, "The future Beiqi new energy sources will become a centralized research and development, production, sales and service in one of the leading new energy vehicles. R & D is one of the important business of the company, the future will also assume other new Energy business segments to provide technical support and models of the task. "The BAIC Group's other brands company, will assume the task of producing and selling.
In this regard, an anonymous analysts believe that "the Beijing Automotive Group consolidation of new energy and its own brand of the two plates, the concentration of superior resources to develop Beiqi new energy sources, should be for the companies listed on cultivating high-quality assets."

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