Trump to win the Sino-US auto trade environment will be challenged

Posted on 11/10/2016 9:42:33 AM

Today, the United States presidential election in full swing, the world are eye-catching. The final results in the Beijing time on Wednesday (November 9) afternoon, Republican candidate Donald Trump defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was elected the new US president!
To promote the US economy and the development of the automotive industry, the two presidential candidates for the future of the US economic policy quite some tit for tat. Trump's economic policy focuses on comprehensive tax cuts, and Hillary Clinton called for a tax increase on the rich, and infrastructure investment in more funds to create more jobs. At the same time, Trump and Hillary have a tendency to trade protectionism, both expressed their opposition to the "Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP), because they think this will lead to the US manufacturing industry, especially the automotive industry The loss of jobs.
  Trump will also be directed at the US auto maker Ford, Ford had announced its small car production in the United States transferred to Mexico and put into use in 2018, the move was criticized as "shameful." In fact, this is not the first Trump for Ford "launched an attack." In April, Trump scoffed at the "absolute stigma" when Ford announced it would spend $ 1.6 billion to build small cars in Mexico. Ford has also issued a counterattack statement, said Trump's accusations have no basis in fact, and that the plan will not cut jobs in the United States. In fact, not only a Ford car prices will be transferred to small car production in Mexico. Last year, General Motors announced it would invest $ 350 million in Mexico's Coahuila area to move its former Chevrolet Cruze production in Korea and the United States to production in Mexico. FCA had also planned to transfer production to Mexico. "Ford thinks we can shift production to Mexico, but when their cars in Mexico come back to the US, we have to impose a 35% tariff on the cars, so maybe they will not leave," Trump said. The. "
  Although Obama is continuing to promote TPP, but with his camp belong to a Hillary Clinton expressed opposition to the TPP. "Indeed, trade agreements in the past have always proclaimed economic prosperity, but in the end did not happen, and now we see a lot of communities in Michigan empty, many factories closed, jobs have been lost." Hillary has said , "I will stop all stifle employment, lower wages of trade agreements, including the TPP I am now opposed to the election against the same, if elected after the same opposition, and Trump, Hillary also said that the transfer of business To foreign companies levy "exit tax." Once these companies choose to leave the United States, will be forced to return the tax credit amount.Hilary said that to implement a more stringent "principle of origin" should be clearly defined as a duty-free access to the US market Of the cars, the parts used must also come from TPP member countries.
  In a letter to US Treasury Secretary Jack Lu, they said they hoped the US Foreign Investment Committee could take a serious look at Chinese aluminum giant China Zhongwang Holdings Limited's plan to acquire US metal producer Aleris Alcoa Ltd. Acquisition plan to be vetoed. The reason given is that the acquisition would jeopardize US national security, and China Zhongwang is currently being investigated for tax evasion by the US Department of Commerce. In addition, the "China Steel" topic once became the focus of the presidential candidates debate. Both Trump and Hillary argued in the debate whether China would make the US steel industry unfairly disadvantaged.
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  Prior to this, Trump has threatened, if he wins the election, will impose a 45% penalty on Chinese imports of tariffs. Hillary Clinton said that the United States with China's biggest problem is that the Chinese illegal dumping of steel and aluminum to the US market, then she criticized Trump as a real estate developer, the use of a large number of Chinese steel. Trill said, "Trump" on the issue of American job loss, while accepting cheap Chinese steel into the United States, and even build their own large casinos also use Chinese steel.

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