Mitsubishi exposed the scandal since 1991 all cars are selling fake

Posted on 6/20/2016 10:50:48 AM

Japan's Mitsubishi Motors Corp.'s fuel efficiency test cheating issues, the 15th was informed that all models of the company since 1991, sales of fuel-efficient data exist in illegal operations. Including the exposure of 3.4 micro-cars, including at least seven models have been tampered with false data to optimize fuel efficiency performance, once again clearly reflects the company's long-standing repeated use bad means. It is reported that, for Mitsubishi Motors said they did not exist so far the only illegal small car MIRAGE, Japan's transport ministry also pointed out that its data acquisition method has a problem, it is expected to eventually be judged illegal.
According to Japanese pay Province instructions, Mitsubishi Motors is continuing to investigate the past 10 years to end sales of cars, etc., the fastest in the week reported recurrence prevention measures and violation details. According to sources, at least a small car Colt, Galant Fortis and midsize Outlander SUV, the three have been convicted because of fuel efficiency does not reach the next target and tampered data.
The survey also found within the company do with the experiment, only the problem of data breaches come via the desktop calculus. Discontinued vehicles, more than 10 models were found illegal. Furthermore, in addition to head office performance test unit traced to participate violations, suspected of involvement in other sectors. It is understood that Mitsubishi Motors has said publicly eK WAGON, DAYZ etc. 4 mini-cars (including Nissan Motor Co. foundry models) has been tampered with the data while repeatedly carried out after 1991 and with violations of laws and regulations of different experiments.

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