BYD boasts surge in Nov. oil-fueled vehicle sales, but NEV sales still plunge

Posted on 12/10/2019 10:32:55 AM

BYD said its oil-fueled vehicle sales in November reached 30,075 units, surging 43.86% compared with a year ago and climbing 5.29% from a month earlier. Nevertheless, total sales still fell 19% year on year due to the 62.69% plunge in its NEV sales.
Last month, the automaker achieved remarkable growth in the sales volume of fuel-burning sedans and SUVs. Notably, year-to-date SUV sales soared 53.72% so that the decrease in sedan and MPV sales were substantially offset. However, the Nov. sales of MPVs running on gas or diesel plummeted 72.82%, to some degree shrinking the overall growth. 
As of November, BYD had suffered the fifth-month-in-a-row year-over-year drop in NEV sales. Besides, the decline had been widened 62.69% in November from 11.84% in July. Cumulative NEV sales of 2019 climbed 7.58%, versus 19.93% in Jan.-Oct. sales.
Among NEVs sold last month, 10,675 units were PVs, 62.86% less than that of the year-ago period. Of that, the BEV sales sharply slid 47.87%, while the PHEV sales nosedived 80.03% to only 2,675 units. 
It is worth noting that year-to-date all-electric PV sales still zoomed up 69.28%, the only segment featuring positive growth that made the NEV sector maintain the increase. 
As for performance of specific models, the sales volume of the Tang family amounted to 3,144 units in November, making its aggregated sales exceeded 200,000 units. In addition, the Nov. sales of the Song family reached 22,956 units, of which 20,038 units (+26.1% month on month) were the Song Pro SUVs and 2,918 units were the all-new Song MAX MPVs. What's more, with 8,859 units sold last month, the Qin family boasted a 19% year-on-year growth, and the Yuan family got a monthly sales volume of 2,412 units. 
Moreover, BYD said the sales of the BEV-focused e series totaled 2,441 units in November, of which 1,524 units were the e2 cars.

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