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Imported cars long to see the existence of profits, which seriously infringed the interests of consumers is a fact.
Consumers have high hopes of parallel imported cars, now it seems the development is not optimistic. Since the focus of China began FTA pilot, parallel imported cars became interests of the game. On the one hand, the multinational auto companies have to start from the upstream of the supply of parallel imported cars is controlled; on the other hand, parallel imported cars are cheap, but the biggest "flawed" in the country do not enjoy the same as the normal way to import cars treatment.
Imported auto market situation is not satisfactory. According to the Beijing Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market (the "Asian City") data released monthly meeting, April customs imports of 90,900 cars, down 27.7 percent.
"Normal situation is higher than the number of cars imported in April, March, but in April this year, but the chain is declining, reflecting the weak end of the market, to speed up the pace of the adjustment on the supply side, mainly to reduce the supply of stock. "National Machine vehicles (31.10, -0.76, -2.39%) Wang Cun Senior Manager Marketing Co. analysts said.
A Shanghai Automotive dealers told the "International Finance" reporter, at present, the import car market has entered a period of adjustment, a seller's market to a buyer and gradually, the possibility of lower prices of imported cars in the future a lot.
Monopolies, high prices are a sign of China's import car industry. Now, with the increase in the domestic market of imported cars in stock, prices of imported cars dropped if the trend has been formed? In China started a pilot operation of parallel import car market, what exactly will affect the domestic automobile market structure?
Sales decline
Data show that in April, sedan, SUV and MPV products are three categories of imported cars into the downstream channel, China imported car market along with full access to inventory adjustment.
Data show that in April, sedan, SUV and MPV were 29000, 57600 and 4300, the share was 31.9%, 63.4% and 4.7%. Although the share of SUV imports continue to exceed 60% but also significant adjustments. Wang kept the view that the three models in April monthly volume of imports declined, the supply of imported cars entered an adjustment phase.
And proportional decline in sales was in April industry inventory situation is still grim. Stock climbed to 5.1 months, far more than the same period last year. Wang Cun said the sales decline is the main cause of rising inventory depth. From January this year, the import car industry stocks on the stubbornly high, is not optimistic for the current trend, Wang Cun, he said the state has continued, needed a long time to adjust, for at least several months.
In fact, in order to alleviate the decline in the situation, this year, all import car dealer discount rate has been kept at a high level. In January this year, the discount rate of imported cars had reached a historical high, reaching 10.7%. February is also a high of 10.5% in March, is once again grew to 10.7%, the average discount amounted to 69,000 yuan, the average discount in April amounted to 75,000 yuan, hit a new high this year. It is understood that the average discount rate of the main models of the BMW X5 remained at around 20 million, the Mercedes-Benz S320 discount rate at around 15 million, the Land Rover Range Rover discount rate of about 30 million.
In addition, imports of low-emission vehicle structure continues to tilt. April, 3.0L or less imported cars share reached 92.8%, down slightly from 94 percent in the first quarter, but 2.3 percentage points higher than upgrade of 90.5% in 2014.
In this regard, the automotive industry researcher at Plum told the "International Finance" correspondent, is the root cause of declining sales inventories, and inventory has once again led to sales continued to decline. "Just like a vicious circle." Plum orchard, said such a situation, take a long time to adjust, ranging from a few months to more than a few years.
What effect by
For imported car sales decline, with a view of the outside world, and China's domestic parallel import car market related.
It is understood that the so-called parallel import car brands without authorization refers, traders purchase from overseas markets, and into the Chinese market to sell cars.
January 7, 2015, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce issued "regarding the development of parallel imported cars piloted in China (Shanghai) test area of free trade," which marks the Shanghai FTA parallel imports of auto pilot was officially launched, which is China's first parallel import car pilot FTA. Then in March, the Commerce Department has officially approved the Qianhai in Shenzhen, has also been officially carried out by parallel imports of auto pilot, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian and other free trade experimental zone overall program. But from Shanghai to Shenzhen FTA FTA, parallel importation vehicle pilot operation already 3-4 months.
Therefore, some analysts pointed out that the weakness of imported cars on the one hand by the decline in market demand, the impact, on the other hand, the implementation of parallel imports on the existing market structure policy also have some impact.
Reporters learned that the parallel import cars into China is not short of time, but it can be said, in the previous 20 years, the parallel importation of vehicles in the Chinese market has been in a minor stage, only occasionally see a few on the street vehicles, primarily related to its specific identity.
In the analysts view, then there are three main problems hindering the development of parallel imported cars in the domestic market: one on the card problem, and second, maintenance difficulties, the third is unable to enjoy Auto Warranty.
With the 2014 national automobile industry monopoly strong regulation, long-standing problem of high prices of imported cars pushed to the cusp, many car companies have suffered huge penalties, have also taken on its imported car price cuts and other measures. In order to further curb the monopoly prices of imported cars, the state will put the long-term goal of parallel import car field, plans to parallel import car "parallel" status into "mainstream."
According to the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce previously announced the first batch of 17 pilot enterprises list of imported auto show, where the Shanghai local enterprises 8, 9 provinces and cities outside the dealer.
Currently, the auto pilot is accelerating parallel imports, since January this year to achieve a free trade zone in Shanghai to conduct business in Shenzhen before the sea has become the second car to carry out parallel imports demonstration. It is reported that Shenzhen Qianhai, part of the electricity provider has launched a parallel import car reservation service.
Rui letter Consulting Founding Partner, Executive Director Fu Zhiyong in an interview said that the implementation of parallel imported cars is the most effective way to break the auto companies a monopoly, it is advantageous to improve the car sales 4S shop service management and after-sales system, at the same time also helps to reduce foreign car companies to grab the high profits in China.
"After the national implementation of parallel imported cars, in fact, it is for consumers to add a channel to buy a car. And parallel imported cars than the regular price will be about the price of imported cars (after automobile manufacturers authorized) 10% to 20% lower, to the consumer bring greater benefits. "Wang Cun said.
Pose a real problem
However, the reality seems to be not so good. Due to the impact of the interests of parallel imported cars domestic cars imported original distributor of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other major import car brand through various channels parallel import vehicles, cutting off the source.
From the Shanghai and Shenzhen pilot parallel import car sales, the situation is not optimistic. "In the parallel import vehicle pilot Shanghai FTA start in nearly a month, probably more than 20 vehicles in total sales, orders have more than 100 vehicles, mainly small cars are enough to support the number of orders. Another parallel imported cars pilot Shenzhen Qianhai selling well, before the sea B-chen (a parallel import car sales company in front of the sea) selling prices are about 70 million, due to the draw of the Shanghai experiences, Shenzhen, more adequate preparation of these. "CAM Deputy General Manager of Beijing Branch 宁继红 told the media.
"As policy, the pilot has just been approved, two parallel imported vehicle pilot is still difficult to form a climate. Since the implementation of parallel imported cars to go through the formation of enterprises, approved, contact the foreign channels, which requires a process and cycle." Automotive commentator Zhang stated.
National Passenger Car Market Information Co-Secretary-General Choi Dong-tree pointed out that the parallel import car sales in the pilot should be relatively dismal, the parallel importation vehicle pilot Shanghai FTA is part of the relatively high cost of the model, as the provision of insurance, and some other ancillary services, and therefore need to increase the cost of the car. The increase in service for consumers, meaning not particularly large, because the service is currently provided by parallel import car owners through their local dealer can negotiate, but also to achieve a similar service. Therefore, it will lead to higher prices of imported cars in parallel Shanghai FTA, the competitive advantage is not obvious.
Plum Orchard believes that now, through parallel importation vehicle pilot to break the informal expensive imported cars basically impossible. "Parallel imported cars now very awkward position, can be said to be up and down the attack, following a low-cost sales of imported cars in gray, above the regular dealers of imported cars continued to increase promotional efforts, its advantage has not been highlighted. And to break the monopoly of imported car market, relying solely on the parallel imported cars is clearly not enough. "
Plum Orchard pointed out that as the market matures, the imported car market monopoly will certainly be broken, the current decline in the number of imported cars have market adjustment factors.
Rumors everywhere
China has been the high price of imported cars is the pain in the hearts of consumers, the recent spread of "zero tariff" message, so that consumers expect extreme.
"China's accession to WTO of 15-year protection period is about to expire, imported cars about to enter the era of zero-tariff." More recently, on the 15th anniversary of WTO to protect all kinds of news on the Internet crazy pass.
It is said that in 2001, after China's accession to WTO, in order to protect related industries, and applied for a 15-year protection period, July 1 this year, will expire expiration, including domestic import tariffs on imported vehicles, including class will be waived. Affected domestic and imported cars car prices will further decline, domestic car would be a great impact.
However, it is not. No. 152 in accordance with Schedule "People's Republic of China's WTO accession protocol," the Chinese motor vehicle final bound rate of 25%, motor vehicle parts and accessories of final bound rate of only 10%. Since 2001, after joining the WTO, China will in the next seven years, tariffs on car parts and other products were adjusted seven times.
From July 1, 2006, China will have to import duty cars, sport utility vehicles, small passenger vehicle is from 28% to 25%, imports body, chassis, medium and low emission gasoline engines and other auto parts tax rate from 13.8% -16.4% to 10% of all motor vehicles and parts tariff reduction commitments to fulfill.
This means that China's existing auto tariffs has met all the requirements of the WTO, there is no possible implementation of auto imports in July this year, the "zero tariff".
Related reports that prior to China's accession to WTO, auto tariffs have been high. Among them, in 1986, 3L displacement car tariffs above 220%, 3L displacement below 180% tariff. Until 1994 began to be gradually reduced until the stock market, China and 3L 3L or less displacement gasoline car import tariffs were reduced to 100% and 80%.
Analysts pointed out that perhaps misunderstanding and recommendations then made concerning foreign. Associate professor at East China University of Politics and Peng Xu River during an interview that, when the US Trade Representative's office and the Ministry of Commerce submitted a plan to the WTO, it is recommended that all members of the 2015 abolish tariffs on all industrial goods and consumer goods zero tariff trade. However, the program did not reach the final, it probably is a misunderstanding of the origin.
Then, cut tariffs on imported cars hopeless, does that mean there is no room for reducing the price of imported cars?
In this regard, plum orchard, said prices of imported cars do not need to worry too much about the issue has remained high, because as competition intensifies, the overall weak demand, a comprehensive adjustment of the import car market has come, the price decline has been formed.

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