SUV models continue to hot Shanghai auto show into a manufacturing benchmark

Posted on 4/25/2017 10:42:07 AM

Two years of the Shanghai auto show, April 19, such as about to. The current auto show exhibition area of more than 350,000 square meters, the scale of a record high. At the same time, in the exhibition lineup, the current Shanghai Auto Show attracted a total of 18 countries and regions from more than 1,000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad to actively exhibitors, exhibitors 1,400 vehicles, of which the world's first car 113, 159 new energy vehicles, Concept car 56, foreign company Asia starting car 44. In China as the world's major auto market situation, the current Shanghai auto show in the focus on the latest technology show the automotive industry, but also according to market demand, interpretation of the automotive industry SUV, electric and independent brands of high-end development trend, and become a leader Trends in the trend of repairer.
SUV models continue to hot
As an important domestic car market segments, SUV's selling is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot in recent years. According to the published data, last year domestic passenger car sales of 24,376,900, an increase of 14.93%. Among them, SUV sales of 9.047 million, an increase of 44.59%, last year's passenger car sales growth of up to 88.1%.
SUV market continued hot, making the Shanghai auto show to become the car to show off the SUV lineup stage. Among them, relying on SUV models in recent years, the sudden emergence of its own brand, continue to add the sub-market, launched a number of SUV models. To GS4, GS8 and other models to achieve sales breakthrough Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi, last year sales of over 380,000, an increase of 96%. In order to further enrich its own SUV product line, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi in the current auto show launched GS7, and Guangzhou Automobile Chuan Qi will be the model of the monthly sales target is also set to 5000.
At the same time, Changan CS55 also in the current Shanghai auto show the world's first, as a compact SUV, the model aimed at the main force of the purchase of the main consumer groups, through the colorful design, and intelligent technology, to seize the SUV segment market share. Changan has launched CS95, CS75, CS35, CS15, Changan CS55 after the listing, Changan has basically completed the SUV market different levels of product layout.
In fact, SUV's selling is not a unique phenomenon in China, the model in the global sales growth momentum is still strong. In the European market, for example, data show that last year the European passenger car sales of 15 million, of which SUV and cross-border sales accounted for 25% of total sales. Therefore, in the current Shanghai auto show on the launch of SUV new products, has become one of the themes of foreign car prices. Last year in China, the decline in sales of Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen, have the SUV as the main event. Among them, Dongfeng Peugeot flagship SUV - 5008 officially launched pre - sale, while Dongfeng Peugeot general manager Li Hai Hong said that Dongfeng Peugeot has this year as "Dongfeng Peugeot SUV", and strive to win new competitive advantage in the SUV market.
The trend of electricization highlights
In the country to develop new energy vehicles in the background, the current Shanghai auto show, car prices more and more obvious trend of electric. Data show that last year the domestic sales of new energy vehicles to 507,000, an increase of 53%. Rely on the rapid growth of sales of new energy vehicles, ultra-Bacheng domestic new energy vehicles to achieve net profit growth. In order to continue in the field force, BYD in the current Shanghai auto show Song DM, Song EV300 two new energy SUV models, respectively, the main plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicle market. Which Song DM in the mixed mode, 1.5TI turbo engine with the front and rear motor, the maximum power of 333 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 740 Nm, 100 km to accelerate 4.9 seconds, beyond the million luxury car.
In recent years in the field of new energy vehicles continue to overweight Chery, in the current Shanghai auto show launched Ai Ruize 5e, the model not only the use of Chery new research and development of the M1X platform, integrated conditions mileage can reach 351 km, 60 km per hour Speed conditions can travel more than 400 km, and the maximum speed of 152 km / h.
It is worth mentioning that, compared with its own brand, foreign car prices pay more attention to China's new energy car market, "big cake." Volkswagen in the current Shanghai auto show three models are the first new energy vehicles. Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mullen said: "Volkswagen Group will invest 30 billion yuan this year, the development of new energy vehicles, and by 2025 to provide 1.5 million pure electric vehicles, electric car mileage will reach 500 km "In addition, SAIC GM Buick launched its first extended range plug-in hybrid model --VELITE 5, the model in the pure state of the mileage of 116 km, a single refueling integrated mileage up to 768 km.
Own brand high-end
In the current Shanghai auto show 113 global first car, autonomous brand accounted for 83. In recent years, with the independent brand innovation ability enhancement, and has the core technology quantity increase, own brand has become the domestic market force. However, the face of the domestic auto market demand slowed down year by year, as well as the growth of independent brand sales, joint venture brands and luxury brands have to use the price dropping way to seize market share, independent brands began to choose to launch high-end brands, enhance brand image at the same time, To seize the share up.
The current Shanghai auto show, WEY (Great Wall high-end brands), LYNK & CO (Geely high-end brands) and other independent high-end brands are carrying their new models exhibitors. Among them, WEY brand VV7C, VV7S officially listed, VV5 models also debut. While LYNK & CO brings the first model - 01 quasi-production car.
It is understood that, LYNK & CO brand based on intermediate car base module architecture "CMA" established. The future, LYNK & CO's models will enter the European market. In addition, the red flag H5 debut in the current Shanghai auto show. According to reports, as independent high-end brands, the next three years, the red flag will also be launched a variety of models, covering from B to E-class cars, SUV and high-end commercial vehicles and other market segments.
Automobile industry expert Zhang Zhiyong said that after years of accumulated experience in car repair, independent brands have been achieved from the reverse development to the positive development of the transition for their own brands to build high-end brand reserve strength, also provides a basis.

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