Subsidies for new energy vehicles less technical and cost challenges

Posted on 4/25/2016 5:05:17 PM

Although the Chinese car market as a whole for the better, but in the past ten years of rapid growth has come to an end.
Automobile Association data show that the first quarter of this year, domestic car sales reached 6,526,700, an increase of 5.98 percent, the growth rate rose 2.08 percentage points over the same period last year. Where passenger car sales 5.669 million, an increase of 6.75 percent, 2.20 percentage points slowed down over the previous year.
Subject to price and supply and demand affect car prices generally faced cycling margins and other issues, in this context, new energy has become one of the key points made car prices in force. From a policy point of view, the development of new energy, energy conservation is the way the automotive industry, as well as increasingly stringent fuel consumption limit value; and corporate earnings from the point of view, under the state's power subsidies, but also new energy can good level of profitability to some extent.
From the listing car prices released earnings seen in 2015, including Yutong and BYD car prices, the financial statements directly benefit from the new energy vehicles, however, beginning in 2016, including Shanghai local governments take the lead in a new adjustment standard energy subsidies, from the beginning of 2017, the country's new energy subsidies will be officially back slope, trying to get dividends from the new energy industry in car prices, the inevitable face adjustment challenges. As for the new energy supply chain, such as the battery industry, it will also be true. How to grasp the dividend policy to elevate self-strength, to adapt to the market, as all the new energy industry chain enterprises should consider and respond to the problem.
By 2015, the annual reports of listed car prices of new energy performance of some non-none other than the most dazzling. Yutong Bus last year won state and local government subsidies to promote the use of new energy vehicles up to 6.86 billion yuan, 3.535 billion yuan of net profit equivalent to nearly 2 times. BYD new energy vehicle sales although only 58,000, but its revenue is almost flat with the traditional automotive business.
In the auto market downturn in the larger environment, new energy car prices has indeed become "profit cow", frequently 5,6 million or even 10 million is the amount of subsidies, and to the power section gray car prices by means of profit. Media reports said last year, new car prices cheat up the amount of energy up to 10 billion, because of this, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "promotion and application of new energy vehicles to carry out the verification on the job notice "(the" notice "), to promote the use of new energy vehicles, the implementation and financial management of the use of funds for special verification.
The local government also launched a new energy subsidy adjustments. Recently, Shanghai launched a new a new energy subsidies. From January 1 this year to the end of December 2017, the purchase of new energy vehicles, especially electric plug-in hybrid vehicles consumers will continue to enjoy the country be given 30,000 yuan of financial subsidies, but the Shanghai local subsidies than the previous reduce 30000-10000 yuan, total subsidies reduced from 60,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan. For the country to meet the technical requirements of interpolation hybrid vehicle models, and also to meet the engine displacement of less than or equal 1.6L, one hundred kilometers in hybrid mode combined fuel consumption of less than or equal to three conditions 5.9L and 40L tank volume or less, you can get extra 14,000 yuan local subsidies.
Shanghai, a source of new energy promotion office told the "First Financial Daily" reporters, in fact, this adjustment also comply with the national guide for the new energy policy changes to promote survival of the fittest. The reporter also learned from the municipal court, after the promulgation of the policy, after strong sales in the Shanghai market BYD, also on its fuel tank size models adapted to the market. The new energy sales, including a number of Volvo, JAC and other car firms have also been affected.
Shanghai subsidy adjustment can be said that the national policy trends "benchmark." In the industry view, the new energy market is already taken the first step, and the next "Thirteen Five" will be able to get rid of challenging the policy to support the key stages of the pre-independence line. Subsidies will be back slope of the trend, placed in front of the problem is that when cost pressures fall completely head itself, whether through technological progress of enterprises, to achieve a breakthrough. For businesses, technical challenges and cost, has just begun.

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