Multi promising new car sales continued strong energy in the second half

Posted on 8/7/2015 10:38:03 AM

Sales data and policy expectations for better stimulate the new energy vehicles plate yesterday's strong overall trend. An interview with reporters several listed companies have said the second half of the sales of new energy vehicles are still optimistic.
Yesterday, the positive news multiple catalysis, new energy automotive industry overall strength, including Kane shares (7.98, 0.73, 10.07%), the new state-chou (34,380, 3.13 , 10.02%), Technology lion (23.51, 2.14, 10.01%), BYD (65.40, 5.95, 10.01%), when the rise of science and technology (26.080, 2.37, 10.00%), Southern Power (14,730, 1.34, 10.01%), Wei Li billion (21.980, 2.00, 10.01%), science Liyuan ( 16.76, 1.52, 9.97%), Auto Motion (33.37, 3.03, 9.99%), and more than 20 new cars stocks daily limit energy.
"The new energy automobile stocks increase may be favorable national policy." Number of companies, including BYD, including the view that the introduction of the load close to policy stack is perhaps one of the reasons for this new automotive power led. Along with the second half of the season has always been a car, further growth in sales of new energy vehicles has become one of the stories in the market.
According to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of Industry, in July the new energy China (22.76, 1.09, 5.03%), production of 20,400 vehicles, an increase of 2.5 times. Including pure electric vehicle production passengers 6657, an increase of 79%; plug-in hybrid vehicle production 5688, an increase of 4.5 times the 6395 production of electric commercial vehicles, an increase of 17 times; plug-in hybrid commercial energy production 1650, an increase of 145%. January to July this year, the cumulative production of 98,900 new energy vehicles, an increase of 3 times.
From the industry leader, sales of BYD new energy vehicles in June reached 5,036, an increase of 2.8 times. BYD experts, sales of new energy vehicles, the greatest contribution remains "Qin" plug-in hybrid. "Overall, sales of BYD this year should be very good, gradually increase production capacity, expand sales of new energy vehicles will not be reduced," Qin "has always been at full capacity, and there is also a space of order. In addition, sales BYD SUV 'Don' in June reached 412 in the first month after the Shenzhen market, the rapid growth 'Don' will be a highlight of the passenger car market. "
In addition, this year a new energy production capacity of the battery release even more, but also good new vehicle market in energy. Reporters in finding manufacturers of lithium batteries, Anderson Technology reported as a provider of BYD, Anderson Technology in August this year will be released gradually battery capacity, there will be a new production line put into operation in October . Company president Liu Jianbo told reporters, corporate customers are mainly concentrated in two or three large companies such as BYD, the production capacity of the company can not meet existing orders, so the company needs new lines of production. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, Anderson Technology will expand the production capacity of 150 million Ah, and the end of 2016 production capacity of 250 million Ah expand.
"Infrastructure surge in the number of posts new energy vehicles and other policies to support the construction of load, however, with the recent runner on downstream businesses of the whole industry chain pushing auto stocks new energy during the night will be a collective limit. " There are agencies that the new automotive power up not surprised.
Securities analysts believe that the second half of this year, new energy vehicles will usher in rapid growth, especially in bottlenecks battery capacity gradually break down. Moreover, the emergence of a new business model is a new feature of the market for new energy vehicles, renting timeshare, taxi software will be presented at the next big growth in demand. It is estimated that in the second half will be more local grant landing game, which also stimulates increased sales in the second half.

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