Music as Aston Martin car Bitesila complicated by the OEM

Posted on 10/31/2015 10:33:58 AM

Even in the case of the sample are not, music, as on October 27 last year a "heavyweight" conference still chose music as the super car to lead the charge. We did not sample, naturally is a partner of electric cars Aston Martin Rapide temporary "apex" "apex" appearance also declared music as the cooperation with Aston Martin rumors vanished problems arise, then, Aston Martin will be music as into high-end electric car OEM or not?
"Music as Aston Martin is a comprehensive technical partners, including but not limited to car networking and smart cars, we might also be extended to multiple levels of cooperation." Music as co-founder of the super car, global vice chairman, Executive Director, CEO Ding Lei of China and the Asia-Pacific region, then hidden mystery.
In fact, this year on March 23, music, as with Beiqi officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hong Kong, the partners together to create a whole new generation of Internet intelligent motor vehicles and ecosystems; dating back to 2014, Beijing Automotive Holdings had with music as a common strategy for the special investment Tesla did design the US electric car design company Atieva.
An unnamed auto industry analyst told the "Securities Daily" correspondent said that through a series of outer joint action, music go hand in hand, as the repairer of the initial formation of the potential "high and low ends," by Aston Martin foundry music, as the end product will undoubtedly have a car brand to enhance the role, and Beijing Automotive OEM low-end products will also benefit.
Previously vice president of music as Super Cars (China) Company PROCEEDINGS admitted in an interview with reporters, the same music, as does the Tesla manufacturing sector involvement, music, as the plan to find other factory OEM, R & D and market operations by brand yourself.
Music as Super Cars and Tesla only this difference? Letv chairman Jia Yueting declared music as Super Cars and Tesla are two differences: First, different ideas, Tesla just Motors, music, as the super car is to build an Internet ecosystem; the second is the end product is not the same, Tesla product is still a means of transport, music, as is the limit of science and technology of automotive products, complete ecology.
High-end car or by the Aston Martin foundry
Jia Yueting onto the conference, said: "Two years, although still not share with you our super car looks like, but I hope you know that we are really repairer, but also to create a new eco-car."
Subsequently, Ding in his speech for the first time published a research details music as super car the first model, the "current R & D work music as the super car is mainly the responsibility of the US R & D team, as the global R & D team to accelerate the project, music, as the super car is growing, now more than 700 people, of which more than 400 people in North America. The first models MuleCar experiments also in the United States. "
According to him, the first model of MuleCar experiment has been completed, the first round of prototype trial has ended, the music, as the super car concept version will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show next year. So, the future music as super car production stage will be what kind of model?
"It's like music, as the TV, it is Foxconn OEM side, we are mainly responsible for the development and marketing operations." PROCEEDINGS Prior to "Securities Daily" told reporters that the future will be like before the traditional heavy industries, like electronics industry, developed by brand yourself, With the popularity of the manufacturing industry will be 4.0 and 3D printing technology, the growing overcapacity, and finally to the foundry. Choose music as Super Cars may doubt the foundry model.
Who foundry it? In the conference site, Ding opened the Aston Martin Rapide hijab. He said, "Ecology music as to Aston Martin, the first car equipped with music as the vehicle networking Aston Martin car will be on display at CES, the first Rapide have arrived and began assembling visual music."
Ding said, "music as Aston Martin is a comprehensive technical partners, including but not limited to car networking and smart cars, we might also be extended to multiple levels of cooperation."
Ding mentioned contents music as automotive ecosystem of openness and cooperation in his speech, including the "first camp will be looking abroad OEM OEM manufacturers, and joint development of new products, the formation of joint business platform to explore new Internet sales model."
An unnamed auto industry analysts believe that, Ding said revealing Aston Martin may foundry music as super car information, if the two sides can reach a cooperation, music, as the car will have a super high-end car "business card."
March 23 this year, music, as with Beijing Automotive signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hong Kong, the two sides to jointly build a new generation of Internet intelligent vehicle and automotive ecosystem. This also means that music as Super Cars OEM Beiqi highest possibility. We can not determine that the music, as the first model MuleCar Who foundry?
"I think the first car from the Aston Martin MuleCar best OEM brand from the high to the low end of easy conduction, Aston Martin made MuleCar even a small amount, but the boutique concept car made for Beiqi music as super car is undoubtedly have to enhance the role of, "the source said.
Music as different super cars and Tesla
The so-called outreach within close means music as Super Cars addition to seeking OEM cooperation, but also through a series of acquisitions to strengthen the "build a complete car ecological closed loop" goal. In addition to Sept. strategic investment in electric vehicle charging pile outside the company, Yue Motors announced last week, as the heavily controlled and easy to car, plan to jointly build a truly free "eco-car."
Jia Yueting minds in music, as the super car is this: the representative of the time, the moment the highest level of technology, the combination of all the top products, top components together to form the perfect fusion of science and technology to create ultimate automotive products; create a new Internet interaction scenarios, you can sit Imagine this car after driving from semi-automatic to automatic driving from home Internet state jumped to another mobile operating state, the new Internet aftermarket products, to create a complete ecosystem of smart Internet .
"Our products come out Bitesila better, our ecosystem Bitesila vehicles more complex products," Jia Yueting told the "Securities Daily" reporters.
Ding example, Tesla is developing automotive angle to develop a central control system, and music, as is the development of mobile phone technology to develop ideas and a central control system, "the phone is far more complex than in the control car, mobile phone expert eyes Tesla in control is very simple, very elementary. "
Jia Yueting stressed that "eco-mode music as the car is not cut corners, completely independent research, breaking industry boundaries, to achieve cross-border COUNTER After a two-year and one-year project to accelerate the current music, as the super car has been open ecosystem closed loop initial formation, completed the layout of the whole ecological chain of car. "
Currently, the entire music, as has formed a "platform content terminal application" a complete ecosystem, music, as the mall, music as sports, music Watch and other platforms in the music, as the car networking, big data and cloud computing technologies to support the next can be as prone to more travel scene services. Meanwhile, after the acquisition is easy to, all over the globe will probably become prone to car depending on the various types of music content, auditorium and exhibition hall products, auto transfiguration media terminal is no longer a dream, people will also enjoy a more pleasant travel experience.
Future, music as super car will "music as ecological Ecology partner" to achieve full coverage of the whole industry chain, to provide users with the best solution for environmentally intelligent travel.

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