Toyota: Sales of fuel cell cars will not coincide with the launch of Prius

Posted on 10/6/2014 4:49:05 PM

Sales of Toyota Motor Corporation's fuel cell cars may not grow as fast as the hybrid Prius, director of European research and development company, said.

Volume Prius launched in Japan after 1997 gradually established, but was eventually dismissed.

In 2015, Toyota will begin selling fuel-cell cars here at the show. But R & D leader Gerald Killmann said Toyota will need to install limit hydrogen fuel station.

"Hybrid is powered by Toyota's history and internal drive, because there is no infrastructure requirements," he told Automotive News. For fuel cells, "we can drive the [development] of vehicles with hybrid because we do, but we can not drive their own infrastructure solutions."

Toyota is working with other car manufacturers, installation lobbying hydrogen fuel system.

Toyota fuel cell vehicles will debut in Japan, the first quarter of next year, and has set the price is not equivalent to about $ 69,000. Killmann said that in Europe and the United States appeared in the summer of next year where the price is not necessarily the same, but obviously it will not be cheap cars. Increase will help reduce costs, but "is not just a matter of scale," he said.

The system continues to improve and the new manufacturing process, the need to reduce costs and the "Ready to make mass production of fuel cell vehicle" Killmann described. Finer manufacturing tolerances, for example, possible to reduce the use of precious metals in the fuel cell stack.

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