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Posted on 10/26/2016 10:37:24 AM

Not long ago, the German government prohibits Tesla in advertising using Autopilot words, in order to avoid the consumer misunderstanding of its use. A few days later, Tesla announced that all of its production vehicles will be equipped with fully automatic driving hardware, including the listing of the Model 3 and the existing Model S and Model X models. This means that Tesla's Autopilot, in the United States SAE automatic driving classification, from the third-level conditional automatic driving assistance, jump to the fifth level of fully automatic driving.
Existing Tesla models equipped with Autopilot, in accordance with the United States SAE standard belongs to the third level, conditional autopilot. This means that the vehicle can take over the throttle, brake and steering system, and can monitor the external environment to respond. But drivers need to monitor the vehicle throughout the driving process, and lines and traffic lights, etc. or need to complete the driver, and always ready to deal with the system can not cope with the unexpected situation.
The fifth level of the entire driving process, do not need the driver to operate. The on-board system can handle all the situations on the road without manual intervention. Although Tesla has upgraded the existing Autopilot system, some of the earlier incidents have left people with questions about Tesla's autopilot technology. In theory, you can rest assured that reading or a nap. This level is the ultimate goal of automatic driving.
All models, including the Model 3, Model S and Model X, are equipped with eight cameras, providing 360 coverage around the body, covering a range of up to 250 meters. 12 supersonic detectors around the body were upgraded to double the detection range of previous versions. The forward millimeter-wave radar is responsible for providing more accurate data in rain and fog.

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