Volkswagen entered the Academy: Experience blended learning approach

Posted on 9/3/2016 3:17:18 PM

September 2, 2016, the Volkswagen Group (China) 's Volkswagen Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Academy") in 2016 third open class was successfully held in Beijing located within the park's 751 Volkswagen Academy Training Center, the newly completed training Centre for development Institute milestone, marking the College to achieve substantive results in the training of personnel strength at the same time, the hardware facilities also completed a full breakthrough. On this issue open class, senior lecturer Dean Volkswagen Shen Xiaojie College professor with the Academy of fun through games, simulation, role playing and other new hybrid teaching methods, allowing guests to experience the whole car sales, maintenance and after-sales service process training, scientific rigor, humane course design allows guests amazed.
Within the Volkswagen Academy Training Center is located in the arty Beijing Fashion Design Plaza Park 751, with a total construction area of over 16,000 square meters, a total of 22 training rooms, including seven theory and practical operation of the integration of technology training classrooms, 14 theory classrooms and an IT classroom. Training center can accommodate 300 people training, and support the Volkswagen Group's brand training, various dealer training trainer certification training and various business support Volkswagen Training Academy, as well as Volkswagen (China) Sales Limited. Its completion will enhance the professional skills and comprehensive service level students for the various brands of the Volkswagen Group's top reserve more professional services personnel, in addition to continuously improve service quality, and establish the overall brand image, enhance brand value and customer satisfaction from to a direct role for the realization of the Volkswagen Group to further expand China market and lay a solid foundation.
On the open class, Professor Shen Xiaojie focuses on the development and prospects of Volkswagen do college prospect, she said, "2016 is a business development and further enhance the quality of training is very critical year, we must constantly improve and enhance services." According to understood Volkswagen Academy offers 12 course modules, more than 200 training courses, including more than 3,000 copies courseware. Since established in 2011, a total of over 2 million person-days of training, a total of more than 1,000 certified trainers, and always maintain a 100% rate of trainer certification. Students and staff and will continue to provide the most forward-looking technology, the most advanced teaching equipment and the most stringent training system for the Volkswagen Group (China) is developing a steady stream of input power.
Volkswagen Academy senior lecturer respectively, from sales, service and maintenance of three aspects of the system, professional talks, allow the visitors to a comprehensive understanding of the Volkswagen brand service processes in contact with customers in every aspect of how to better meet and exceed customer expectations. Class, instructor role-playing way for guests to experience a sales consultant how according to different types of customers flexible products, and thus achieve sales target; service advisor how through standard conversational service desk processes to understand the user's vehicle conservation needs; and elaborate on how windshield repair scratches fabric processing and repair skills. With professional instructors teaching to explain the scene more through games and multimedia display so guests throughout the distance involved, benefited in practical operation.
    Based on current and future. Since 2016, the domestic market auto sales and stocks have increased significantly, the expansion of the automobile industry for making professional talents of rising demand. Volkswagen aims College in accordance with Volkswagen Group the world's leading training standards, through the staff to provide comprehensive, high-quality training courses, reserve excellent human resources, build first-class team of trainers and service, enhance brand value, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to further consolidate Volkswagen leadership in China and the Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Academy will international system and advanced development status of China's auto market combined, continue to seek innovative technologies and concepts in the field of personnel training, and strive to become the world's leading automotive industry as well as training institutions.

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