Acura pave the way for the expansion of the wide target one million in 2020

Posted on 10/22/2015 9:23:20 AM

This year has been the growth of Guangzhou Honda contrarian, it is to impact sales target of one million getting ready. Recently, Honda announced a third factory started production, the plant design capacity of 240,000, the initial production capacity of 120,000. This means that the plant was officially opened in 2020 from the Guangzhou Honda Automobile sales head rotor 149701-0520 target of one million is a step closer.
This year, with Guangzhou Honda Automobile sales continued gains across the board, both the current design capacity of 240,000 Honda first and second plant has been unable to meet demand. On the basis of the production release, "This year we hope to be able to challenge 600,000 sales target." Yasuhide Mizuno, general manager of Guangzhou Honda.
With the production capacity, the new round of product planning Honda also began to put on the agenda. Yasuhide Mizuno said the hybrid Accord will be made next year, will also be put into a large SUV. Meanwhile, Honda Executive Vice President Ikutoshi revealed that next year the first Acura models will also be introduced into the Honda.
The third factory Honda production will not only lead to further enrich the product, and leveraging the capacity release, more small car production, such as the future of Honda contrarian growth to continue to maintain sales momentum, or will become the Japanese camp leader.
Challenges 600,000 goal
October 19, the construction of a two-year Honda third factory started production. On the commissioning ceremony, Yasuhide Mizuno told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, "2016, Honda will achieve a new leap forward, production capacity from the current 480,000 to 600,000."
It is understood that after Honda has two plants with a total capacity of 480,000, Huangpu and Zengcheng plant factory production capacity was 240,000. This year, with sales rising Guangzhou Honda, the production capacity has been stretched.
By the Federation data show that the first three quarters of this year, China's passenger car market slowdown, many car prices and sales of negative growth trend, but the total sales of Honda 379,700, an increase of 35.1%. According to the plan, Guangzhou Honda Automobile sales target this year is to break 550,000.
The third plant put into operation, the initial capacity of 120,000, the design capacity of 240,000. The plant will produce a small car-based, initial production will mainly produce Fit. With the future of the plant capacity 240,000 full release, Honda's cumulative production capacity will reach 720,000.
In production capacity on the basis of Mizuno Yasuhide for Guangzhou Honda Automobile sales also made a more challenging goal: "We hope this year can challenge 600000 I know this situation is very serious competition for the fourth quarter will also be very cruel. to achieve this goal is difficult, but we still want to try. "
Honda third in factory production, while its engine plant was officially put into operation. The initial plant capacity of 120,000 units, current production of products as mounted on the Fit 1.5L engine models. "Turbocharged engine is also actively promoting, and will be launched." Ikutoshi representation.
Acura domestic projects continue to advance
With Honda third factory production, the company plans to launch a new round of products will also be started. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the localization plan Acura will also be full speed.
Mizuno Yasuhide said, "the future of Acura brand plans Honda two factories in operation, while Honda R & D center will bear the Acura brand-related research and development work." "About Acura products, next year will be introducing the first product, the future will continue to have the first Second, the third product in the Guangzhou Honda Automobile production, and to the Chinese market. "Ikutoshi adds. Some media reported that the 2016 Acura model for the domestic first-class a compact SUV, or SUV-X concept car production version.
Settled in Guangzhou Honda Acura brand, while Honda's Honda brand and the concept of brand models will also accelerate production. Yasuhide Mizuno, "said a Honda brand in 2016 will be put into a large SUV, equipped with a hybrid system to achieve localization in Accord Guangzhou Honda Automobile, whether the future will be made of other hybrid models, depends on market conditions."
Meanwhile, Honda also hopes to enhance the capacity of the machine stimulating independent brand concept again. It is understood that the idea is the birth of our first joint venture brands, but now the brand is just a model S1, and sales fell significantly. January to September total sales of 02,800 philosophy S1, down 25.4 percent. In contrast, Nissan Kai Chen already has introduced, including gasoline, electric cars, including four models, before September this year total sales reached 36,300, which is almost ten times the number of brand sales concept.
Yu Jun said, "With the launch of new models, and we hope that in 2020, Honda reached 1,000,000, ideas proportion can reach 10%."
With the speed of the new car import plans, and achieve domestic Acura, Honda's brand and products will be more complete and sequence are abundant.
Wide of the "ambition"
In Guangzhou Honda Automobile production capacity, products and brands on the basis of further enriching camp, Honda seems to be a battle for market share is also brewing.
While this year's Honda contrarian rapid growth, but in the Japanese joint venture in the camp, its sales still lag behind FAW Toyota. According to data by the Federation, in September this year, FAW Toyota sold a total of 414,000, ahead of Honda 34,300.
In the Japanese camp, in addition to thriving Dongfeng Nissan, FAW Toyota, Guangzhou Honda and Guangzhou Toyota are planning a 2020 sales target of one million. The third plant put into wide use, it is to this end active layout.
But with the continuous upgrading of Guangzhou Honda Automobile sales scale, the company has also been the impact of the Japanese natural pattern of sales rankings. In September this year, FAW Toyota's sales growth was 2.93%, which is the overall performance of the passenger car market was essentially flat. Passenger car market over the same period, total sales 14,547,800, an increase of 2.75%. While Honda sales increase in September before it reached 35.1%.
It is worth noting that, at present, FAW Toyota and Guangzhou Honda will force future small cars as an important fulcrum 1 million sales target.
Prior to Jiang Jun, general manager of FAW Toyota has said publicly that the next five years the company will launch 15 models, which will become the focus of a small car. The production of the third factory Honda also will mainly produce small cars, small cars have become visible segment of Japanese companies focused layout. "At present, the factory production models only Fit, being explored in future models." Yasuhide Mizuno expressed.
In the current competition in the small car sales, an increase of Guangzhou Honda has begun gradually. Before September this year, with the new Fit and Chi Bin sales increase, its small cars totaled 261,200, an increase of 37.11%. FAW Toyota sales in the same period of such models is 284,800, an increase of 10.81%. It is because of Honda small car exhibits a relatively higher increase in small car sales gap between Honda and FAW Toyota from last year in the first nine months of 66500, down to 22,300.
Some analysts believe that, with Honda third factory production, as well as the acceleration of product introductions likely impact of existing Japanese car sales rankings, then, FAW Toyota and Guangzhou Honda likely to compete for the Japanese car sales runner-up spot.

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