Prices Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid of $ 38,825

Posted on 8/6/2015 10:21:30 AM

The price for the Audi's first plug-in hybrid, A3 of E-TRON, will start at $ 38,825 including shipping, when it reaches US dealers in October, Audi of America said Wednesday.

Audi A3 E-TRON is the first in a wave of upcoming battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles Audi Tron wearable electronic badge, and a new generation of mid-sized crossover Q7 and A8 sedan is expected to become the next big reach.

Pricing A3 E-tron is also weakened by more than $ 4,500 2015 BMW i3 plug-in hybrid $ 43,350 price tag. A3 E-TRON buyers are eligible for $ 4,168 federal tax credit, Audi said.

Powered A3 E-TRON is paired 75 kW motor, attracting 1.4 8.8 kwh of juice from a lithium ion battery-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. The system has a total output of 204 horsepower and 258 lbs.-ft. torque.

Power is routed via a six-speed dual-clutch transmission wheel; Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive is not available. The company chose to go front-wheel drive to save weight and maximize available pure electric driving range, a spokesman said.

The A3 sedan lineup is directed by the main E-TRON to US showrooms as a five-door hatchback. Ion battery pack under the rear seats, which means that trunk space disturbed.

Pure electric range and fuel economy data is not yet available. Audi is the US Environmental Protection Agency is awaiting final certified results from the company's plan, they can release those figures.

European markets A3 E-TRON get 31 miles of pure electric driving range, but due to different US and EU test cycle of the US market A3 E-TRON's EV range may vary regulators.

The driver can choose from four different drive modes - that the use of electric and gas motor car depends on the driving conditions of the most effective combination of mixed mode; a pure electric mode; a "holding cell" mode, the drive as a mixed but The reserve battery for later use, and battery charging mode, when driving on the highway, which uses a gas engine as a generator to charge the battery.

Audi A3 E-TRON's battery pack can be used with a standard 120-volt household plug charging about 8 hours, or in a little over two hours from Bosch Car Service Solutions has made a 240-volt home charging stations, customers can purchase as unnecessary a.

Available smartphone application allows users to check their state of charge of the vehicle, the car will be charged when the program - like at night, when energy is usually the most expensive - and so on.

Upgrade to A3 E-TRON's super senior decorative bumps the price $ 42,925, including freight before, topping out at $ 47,725 prestige trim package.

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