The golden age of the electric car: the cost and the size of its own brand dilemma

Posted on 1/4/2016 5:34:09 PM

According to "2016--2020 promote the use of new energy vehicles in fiscal policy support," which subsidy mechanism is pursuing back slope. This year, the life of more than 80 km of pure electric cars can get subsidies; next year, we must be more than 100 kilometers to get life. In addition, this year at 100-150 kilometers Mileage models, the state subsidy amount was 3.15 million and the next year was only 25,000 yuan, down 6,500 yuan.
Year after starting, low-cost for selling its own brand of pure electric vehicles, to usher in the true sense of the challenge. According to retreat slope policy, 2017-2018 years besides fuel cell vehicles, the other models subsidies decreased by 20% in 2016 on the basis; 2019--2020 年 subsidies fell 40% in 2016 on the basis of.
"After the significant decline in subsidies, competition gradually pure electric car market, the fight is the technology and products of micro-electric vehicles in recent years have not improved competitiveness, which is to place a question mark." Guangzhou, a responsible new car prices who said energy vehicle development.
In order to seize the opportunities of high subsidies last year, there will be a variety of new energy automotive products to market next year, you can choose more and more products on the market. "Next year is a node, some products will be able to stand back, but some will not stand the market will soon be phased out." Wang Binggang said.
Foreign brands are coveted Chinese market, entered the Chinese market has Tesla, a variety of hybrid electric version of Toyota and Volkswagen Golf and the like. The reason many overseas car prices is waiting for: the end of a Chinese subsidies to new energy; 2 to make technical and production preparation; 3 market also needs to cultivate....
"This is to pay attention, the multinational brands will certainly be waiting in the wings, not to the last Chinese spend huge subsidies to develop the market, the last overseas brand easily took the market opening is an inevitable trend, we can only rely on support period, car prices improve product competitiveness. "A long-term focus on new energy vehicles, industry sources said.
The most dangerous short-board battery
Almost all of its own brand, we are engaged in new energy vehicles. This year China will definitely become the world largest market for new energy vehicles, but by dozens of car prices completed. This situation and other countries, only thirty-five to complete different car companies, such as Japan mainly Toyota, Nissan and Honda.
Toyota is using the global hybrid ownership 8,000,000 scale, to launch and price the same as the conventional hybrid car products against competitors. Ralink dual-engine and twin engine Corolla is favorable market, which is the biggest advantage.
China's new energy vehicles biggest problem is that the overall market is large, but the sales are too scattered, car prices and a single product is difficult to scale, even the largest, most investment BYD, it is difficult to like, like Nissan's Leaf, achieve economies of scale to share costs. Cars after all, is a large-scale economy, the future is the cost and size of the competition.
Price is too high, the biggest obstacle will be the future of new energy vehicle market. Pure electric vehicles using logic family second car is more appropriate, but the current situation is no longer marketable grade B above, one of the reasons is the high price.
Cut down costs is an important reason is the battery, a pure electric car battery prices may reach half the cost of the vehicle. The development of independent power battery brand to go two routes: one is represented by BYD D and production; the second is the other car prices by suppliers procurement.
Battery power is the core technology of new energy vehicles, almost all the difficulties with the battery, including the mileage, charging speed, security, performance, weight and so on. Battery core technology in the hands of suppliers, similar to a conventional car prices no engine technology.
The kinds of situation has occurred. New energy vehicle sales this year to rise, many car companies can not even produce energy, because the battery supplier for is not on, serious battery shortage. Prices started to surge battery materials, battery grade lithium carbonate from last September's 38,500 yuan / ton began to rise, until November of this year has reached 1.55 times increase.
If you take the second route, not only one of the kinds of conditions, the use of a huge car prices and sales volumes, to control the suppliers and prices. But in fact, in addition to Toyota and other giants, independent brands difficult to achieve.
"China battery factory is too much production capacity too dispersed, the overall level of technology than Japan and South Korea and other developed countries lag behind. Now is not the capacity for production to come out and Wang Jushang loaded." An anonymous car prices internal battery R & D staff said.
And this opportunity is being caught battery companies in Korea, 27 November media reports, the Samsung Group's Xi'an lithium battery factory has been completed and commissioned, with an annual output of 40,000 sets of car battery production line. LG Chem, also last year identified the factories in China producing battery.

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